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Wednesday, 30 November 2016

And it begins. Fukushima children forced to relocate are now speaking out as they are outcasted and bullied.

It is that same phenomena that occurred after the WWII bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki... people from the afflicted areas were shunned by the general populations for many years as being, (in Western terms), unclean/tainted or 'soiled'.

There is a great deal of evidence (although oblique) that this is evidenced in science as a fact:

When a person is carrying a 'hot' particle, it can induce symptoms in others. Perhaps this anomaly is why certain collective groups shy away from said victims (much like leprosy).

In todays news in Australia, a child victim of Fukushima, spoke out about bullying, embarrassment and harassment , not dissimilar to the same toward victims after World War Two, propagated by the rest of their new societies.

Bullies coerced him, he said, into paying over fees that were meant for school purchases, full well knowing they were victim fees, as stated in the report.

Moreover? These instances are so prevalent, against the relocated Fukushima peoples and children, that the Government of Japan has just only now opened an inquiry as to who they will deal with this deeply rooted and complex problem.

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