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Friday, 9 October 2015

Tomioka Incinerator?

Transcript for Author: Herve Courtois

On a recent article from the Polish photograph Arkadiusz Podniesinski I found a picture which puzzles me and raises questions. httpa//…//
As you can see at the far back of the picture behind the black hill at the upper right corner of the picture, there is a white structure from which there is smoke being released.
I know that there is an incinerator which was built in Futaba, and which started operation this last February 2015, incinerating 7 tons of contaminated waste daily. An incinerator, which no pictures are being published anywhere. Most of Fukushima people don't even know it exists.
But this is Tomioka, not Futaba. Is what we can see another incinerator?
I would like to know, how many incinerators have been built in Fukushima prefecture, and how many are in operation incinerating contaminated waste.
Because no matter what type of filters they must be using inside those incinerators, those incinerators must be still releasing many radioactive particles into the environment....
In 2011, up to beginning 2012, the Japânese government was transporting many debris, some of them contaminated in many prefectures outside of Fukushima to be incinerated, at that time many people fought to have it stopped. Then somehow, there was no more news about incineration in the Japanese media, then later the law on secrecy came.
I suspect that the Japanese government is continuing its contaminated waste incineration program, but this time sneakily, keeping it out of the media.
Please if someone has any information about incinerators and incineration, inform me by personal message.
I used Google Earth to get more screen caps of that location, which has a lot of contaminated waste bags nearby. I saw also many cars near that structure which indicates that many people are coling to work there. And on those close-up pictures by Google Earth you can still see constant smoking coming from that structure. I think I spotted, I found a second incinerator, beside the one I knew existed, the one in Futaba.
The one Futaba, I encountered one unique picture of it, at the beginning of its construction. Then no more pictures ever again.
How many incinerators that we don't know are in operation, spitting everyday radioactive particles into the sky to become scattered locally and internationally by winds and Jetstream???
It is indeed an incinerator in Tomioka:
There was an announcement for the "ignition ceremony" on Mar. 19, 2015
held at the facility marked by the red square on the map. The location
matches with that in the photo and the google map. This is for "volume reduction" of decontamination waste, debris, etc.Max processing capacity: 500 tons/day.The announcement (in Japanese) is at:
It seems that there are already 8 incinerators in the Fukushima Prefecture, 7 of them finished to be constructed within this year and already in operation....

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