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Friday, 11 September 2015

Tepco investigated equipment hatch of Reactor 3 PCV / “Next time, use robot with a smartphone”

On 9/9/2015, Tepco investigated the equipment hatch of PCV 3 (Reactor 3 PCV) with a portable camera.
They reported the hatch is not leaking coolant water from the inside of PCV 3, nor was damaged however the floor was wet and didn’t confirm where the water was leaking.
None of the atmospheric dose or nuclide analysis data was released. On the other hand, the video shows the white noise caused by extremely high level of radiation.

Considering what they have found in this investigation, Tepco is to decide to send a remote-controlling robot for the next phase. The robot is planned to carry a “smartphone camera” for some reason.

  The plan image of the new robot to investigate inside PCV 3. A smartphone is used as its camera.
Source: Fukushima Diary

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