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Monday, 6 July 2015

Please help the ongoing effort of the team here at Fukushima Emergency FundRaizing Week

Fund Raizer
After 4 1/2 years, I have reached a limit to my own resources, and am in need of support to fund hosting, line and other costs for myself and my contributing authors. Activism is a passion, but over time is certainly not free. Any help would be kindly and gratefully accepted. 

I have maintained this chronology without requesting funding from the Public or my Contributors.

It would certainly sadden me, that after the years of effort to continue to spread the news, and keep the chronology, that my key sites (3-5) would have to close permanently for lack of funds.

The direct donate button on the left, or bottom is the one to make donations via paypal, or you can access the Fundraizer event page through the Graphic above.

My thanks at this time to my contributing Authors and our Readership. Also to the many staunch Activists we have met, and banded with along the way.

NOTE: This is only the Third time I/We have requested funding; 1st: Fukushima Children: 2nd: Alaskan Fishing Industry Radiation Monitoring Group and 3rd: This campaign

Fund Raizer

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