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Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Latest Report on Radiation Levels in Fukushima 7/21/15

Vande Putte, Sekiguchi & Tadano: "Latest report on Radiation levels in Fukushima" Jan Vande Putte: Greenpeace Belgium Energy Campaigner, Radiation Protection Advisor
Mamoru Sekiguchi: Greenpeace Japan Energy Campaigner
Yasushi Tadano: Lawyer for Fukushima evacuees
Japan "decontaminates" areas slowly to allow 54,800 people to return home to previously evacuated area. Itate - most exposed area 230 square KM with 6,000 people. Miyakoji uSv/hr at one meter above ground. At around 8:00 - what about the Ground Water?
Lifting evacuation orders for 54,000 people. Scanning roads vs offroads. Impossible to decontaminate forrest, sodium iodide test, 11,500+ points tested ~ 96% higher than government standards.
30% of points above 1mS/hr contamination.
Choice of returning home or not,
Dam water used for agriculture. Ganbe dam sediment sampling of silt from July 2015.
Forest will Never be decontaminated. The rainwater flows down the side of the hills and collects below - near houses, etc. So you have Contamination - then they "decontaminate" just to be recontaminated.
Underestimating risk of living indoor vs. outdoor exposure.
The forests are considered "decontaminated"when they simply "decontaminate" 20 meters to the side of the forest. Nothing can be done in the forests themselves.
Wsate piling up.
3 million bags of contaminated soil (etc) have already piled up. They expect 20-30 million cubic meters of waste to accumulate "temporarily" - and the bags are ripping open. No permanent storage place selected yet. "temporary storage" defined as THIRTY YEARS.
Low level exposure discussions. Extremes not practical. ICRP vs. ECRR risk model (internal vs. external contamination). Lifetime exposure adds up.
Absolutely unacceptable levels of exposure.
Cesium-137 with a 30 year HALF LIFE is primarily in top 5 cm of soil.
Insects helping with decomposition decreasing.
Wild fires in chernobyl reliberating radioactive elements -
recreating imminent risks.
Plant mutations, cicada bugs sounds declined - depopulation.
Burning radioactive waste at a new plant - using a "filter". Incinerators.
Plant mutations questions.
Compensation for displaced people to cease if they move back to their contaminated (decontaminated) homes. 100,000 yen/month "compensation" - not enough to restart in a new location - leading more people to require welfare.
Citizens told to smile, be happy and don't complain while they attempt to restart Sendai Nuclear Power plant (TEPCO) in an earthquake zone and very close to an active Volcano that just blew.
All the contamination - but what about the compounded social disaster that follows?
Government abandons people. "Normalization" strategy - ignore it and everything will be fine. Smile and shut up.
Disrupting people's lives - Sendai NPP restart.


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