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Monday, 20 April 2015

Nuclear Alchemy

Nuclear Alchemy

If only we could turn uranium and plutonium,
to non-radioactive gold.
We could fulfil the dream of the alchemists of Old.
And vindicate their poisoned dreams
Oh? How many alchemists died from heavy metals?
How many were seduced by gold shines,
into dreams of turning lead to gold.
If only uranium were good for more than boiling water,
and blowing up cities, and killing civilians downstream?
If only we weren't filling the world,
with poisoned particles and deadly salts.
But after a thousand years of dreams and poisoned death
Alchemists never found their gold
Now it turns out that our Nuclear Alchemists
Like their forefathers before them
Are poisoning all of us with fools gold
Christopher H. Holte 4/20/2015

I was going to put this on my blog, but thought folks interested in what is going on Fukushima might appreciate it.

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