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Tuesday, 10 March 2015

What happened in Reactor #4 at Fukushima?

Ray Masalas via FB
Should we talk a bit about R #4? How do we separate what happened in R #4, from the bullshit that the NRC, NISA, Tepco and the IAEA tell us? Well lets start with the official fairytale. "R #3 {10% Mox fuel} suffered a hydrogen explosion {Bullshit, it was nuclear} and hydrogen seeped into R #4 from #3 and caused #4 to explode. {More bullshit.} Before they cut off our access to overhead satellite shots of fuk {I saved them all} we can see CLEARLY on March 14th 011 that R #3 has blown and so have all the pipes that CONNECTED it to #4. There are 2 plumes rising from #3. One from the fuel pool, one from the blown reactor. To the right of R #3 we see that #4 is still intact. R #1 {far left} had it's roof blown off on March 12th 011. So .... #3 did not cause the multiple explosions at #4. They've been feeding the public shit.

It gets stranger the more we look. Again the official fairytale says that R #4 was empty when it exploded. That the reactor fuel had been off-loaded from the reactor to the fuel pool for refueling when the quake struck. No film of the 3 explosions/fires from March 15th 011 has ever been released except for some really crappy stuff on India news. I just know that the film that we do have says somebody isn't telling the truth somewhere? I just try to read the blast damage as best I can. Ok April 10th 011. You are looking at R #3 and # 4 from the east {sea side} R #3 {Exploded mox reactor} is on your right now. R #4 {Empty reactor} on the left. The roof of #4 blew off from a spent fuel pool explosion. So how come the east wall of #4 is blown out lower and closer to the ground than #3? How can this be?

April 15th 011. You are down along the east wall of R #4 looking north towards #3. A huge concrete panel has blown out of the wall of #4 and is leaning against the large pipe on the roof of the #4 turbine building {Lower right corner of pic} Those panels were 1 meter thick at least. Imagine the force?

Around the opposite side of R #4 things get even goofier! This the west side of R #4 Truck entrance bay. {on The land side} This pic is from late July or early Aug. 011. You can see that they have sprayed the radiation inhibitor {swimming pool stucco}. We can also see that the force of the explosions blew the walls out the truck bay {both sides} and that our whacky Tepco stooges have stood them up to try and hide the damage. This tells me that at least one of the explosions at #4 came either from ground level or even below ground level?

Another shot of the west side truck bay of R #4. April 5th, 011. Again we see how poopy nuclear boy is trying to hide blast damage. You can see how many concrete panels have been blown out of the west wall, but what really got me curious was the blast damage to the elevator shaft {Right} and the shaft on the left. They're are blown out lower down than the panels. Why? Again this points to at least one of the explosions coming from somewhere below or at least ground level? This is what sent me on my search to see what that elevator shaft looked like on the inside?

This is a still from the only film showing one of the explosions at #4 on march 15th 011. {I told you it was crappy} lol

Sept 011. This is the 5th floor of R #4 and you are facing NW. The spent fuel pool would be behind you and to the right. We can clearly see that the 5th floor exploded upwards from below. Rebar sticking out everywhere. The yellow that you see in the top right corner is the big reactor cap. This is the area where they place it when they are off-loading fuel.

Now looking north we get a better view of that giant reactor cap.Nov 011 My arrows point to where the north wall of 4 where concrete support pillars 8 ft thick were snapped like tooth picks.

April 15th 011. A view from over top R #4. Again we see the big yellow reactor cap against the west wall near the north end. Steamium rising from the blown fuel pool.

Well to make a long story short I finally got a look at that SW corner elevator shaft from the inside of the 5th floor. It just further convinced me that explosions in R #4 happened on the 5th floor {Fuel pool} and one really powerful explosion from somewhere at or below ground level.

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