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Tuesday, 10 March 2015

A look at leaks and lies at fukushima

Ray Masalas via FB

Well time for another look back at our Tepco genius's work at fuk over the last 4 years..... My my, where do we start?
How about these pesky leaks we keep hearing about where the numbers of bq/kg keep sky-rocketing to where our brains want to explode, trying to fathom the numbers?
Ready? .... Here we go. Aug 014. Tepco's guesstimate of where it's coming from?

In July 011 while screen-capping every second of film I caught this just before the cameraman swung the camera. Freshly poured concrete in the shape of a boat on the west side of reactor #1 at fuk. Hmmm? What do you suppose went in there? Dead workers? Blown out fuel rods? Both? lol By August this was covered and they were raising the road 6 ft with dirt and covering with steel plates. The aquifers and underground rivers that run down the west hill under fuk would be washing through any buried fuel here, on it's way to the sea, straight ahead.

Blown out fuel rods like this at the SE corner of R #4. {March 28th, 011}

So what happened to all the fuel rod chunks they found after this secret concrete pour was capped? Well I'll tell you ... or at least my screen caps will. While screen capping every second of film {before it was yanked off the web} I kept seeing activity in the very SW corner of the site. Across the street from R #4 and south of the common spent fuel pool. Two points of interest on this location. It was the first place where they began spraying that coloured radiation inhibitor or as I call it "swimming pool stucco". It was also the first area to have the steel plates laid down as road. If I had 4 blown reactors I'd sure be spraying them first, wouldn't you? That's when I noticed the truck with lead shielding on the roof and behind the cab, with the big concrete box on it's flatbed. The overhead crane kept lowering these drums, wrapped in some kind of bag, into the concrete box. Who knows where those drums went? Somewhere in Japan or maybe to a dock, to go on one of the barges and out to the 30,000 ft sea shelf?

July 011. This is no leak and yet the IAEA "experts" walked right past it. It's dumping into the sea at this picture by the shore {Bottom picture} I traced these lines through three films back to these square tanks between R #5 and 6. {Top picture}

How about this? April 011. Does this look like a leak? This is north of the break wall near R 5 and 6.

Can't end a note without a little comedy, can we? lol Aug 011 on the west side of R #1. This is again before they put the big circus tent over #1 to hide it {Oct 011}. You can see that the frame work for the tent is going up. You can also see the 45 degree slope of the original roof of R #1 on the right side. .... Look where the bucket of the back hoe is? lol

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