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Sunday, 14 September 2014

Thinking of Purchasing a Geiger Counter?

By Nan Bhajani Tierra

From my perspective there are 5 and *ONLY 5*  geiger counters  that we should be recommending for citizen monitoring: the Inspector (USB, Alert V2 and Exp), the Mazur PRM 9000 (*not* the PRM 8000), the Atomic Dave made geigers (provided that you order one with the more sensitive pancake geiger mueller tube), the Gamma Scout, and the Soeks. That is it - no others have passed the test of time, reliability and accuracy. I strongly urge each and every one of you to be clear with folks about this when they consider purchasing a geiger counter.

My personal order of preference is as follows - with the Mazur PRM 9000 and the two Inspectors in a near-tie but the PRM 9000 has superior internal software capabilities:

1. Inspector USB (comparable to the Mazur PRM 9000)
2. Mazur PRM 9000 (comparable to the Inspector USB)
3.  Inspector EXP and Inspector Alert (slightly less capable in terms of internal software)
3. Atomic Dave's pancake geiger mueller tube models
4. Gamma Scout
5. Soeks

The Inspectors, Mazur PRM 9000 and Atomic Dave's geiger counters are all made in the US. The Inspector USB and EXP are made on The Farm, an intentional community in Tennessee - which has a long history of nuclear activism, and The Inspector Alert V2 is made in California by former members of The Farm in Tennessee.  Atomic Dave's meters are made in California.

The Gamma Scout is made in Germany.  Bionerd on You Tube uses a Gamma Scout - you can check her You Tube page for more info if you like (She is crazy, however - I do not endorse the carelessness that she embraces in proximity to nuclear materials.)

The Soeks is made in Russia. 

 I strongly recommend that *no one consider any other brand or model of geiger counter* as your 1st geiger counter - other than the 5 noted above.

Here are the manufacturers websites:

Inspector USB

Inspector Alert V2:

Inspector EXP with *external probe*:

Mazur 9000

Atomic Dave is a small time custom builder in California:

Atomic Dave's email:

Gamma Scout:

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