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Saturday, 6 September 2014

The Late Petra Kelly, Founder of the Green Party We should not be building or refurbishing any more nuclear reactors for the following reasons:

Sadi Broncho shared a photo to the group The Rainbow Warriors.

The Nuclear industry does not know how to undo the nuclear waste they produce.
Nuclear waste lasts virtually forever and will also require management for as long as it lasts.
Nuclear waste cannot be buried and forgotten. It will destroy any material containment. It will require perpetual management.
The Nuclear waste stored at Fukushima has gone critical and defies all efforts to contain and manage it. It continues to be released into our biosphere now and is poisoning every living thing it encounters.
Nuclear warheads are fashioned from the nuclear waste produced in nuclear reactors.
Greed for profit is the main motive that drives the nuclear industry."
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