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Wednesday, 3 September 2014

TEPCO Admits High Radiation Readings In Fukushima Port

TEPCO began a second round of concrete covering of the port at Fukushima Daiichi in June 2014. As they began work to cement the main area of the port, reporters extracted more information out of TEPCO.
Radiation levels in the central port in the silt were:
167,000 bq/kg
Radiation levels out to sea near the port were:
2,200 bq/kg
*both readings are for cesium only so they would not include any levels of things such as strontium 90, cobalt 60, uranium or plutonium.
The areas near the reactor intakes were concreted over in 2012. Work in 2012 failed to concrete over the central port. There is no explanation why they waited 3+ years to do the central port. This is also the first admission of silt readings in the seabed of the port by TEPCO. The Asahi article points out that TEPCO has known these readings since at least February of 2014 but only disclosed them to the public now.
Source: Asahi Shimbun
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