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Saturday, 27 September 2014

70% to 90% of Fukushima and Chernobyl is in Food

Learn to protect yourself from radiation contamination.
Learn to measure it in your environment.
Learn to measure it in your food and drinking water.
You cannot trust your government agencies to protect you nor to tell you the truth.
You can only rely on yourself to protect yourself and your love ones.

Credits to the blog by Jan Hemmer,
Do not hesitate to consult it, it is very rich in informations about nuclear, its history, its biological effects, all you need to learn is there.


“$30,000 spectrometer station is perfect for accurate food check. Some rich associations can buy this kind of stuff.
However individual can use much cheaper equipment for daily check, like this one:
iMetry – Geiger Counter Gamma Spectrometry for the iPads:
You need also at least 30kg of lead (more is better) to make a radiation shielding (Lead castle). Total is less than $500 and not so difficult to use. “

iMetry – Ultra Sensitive Photon Counting Energy Compensated Geiger Counter Gamma Ray Spectrometry (Spectrometer, Spectroscopy) Monitoring Post System for the iPads

iMetry system is MPPC(photon counter) based, extremely sensitive, ultra high performance, pocket-sized mobile gamma ray spectrometry, scintillation Geiger counter, radiation detector system specialized for I-131/Cs-134/Cs-137 survey, using iPad. Its extra ordinal sensitivity and ease of use, will fully satisfy casual radiation measurement needs, and it’s one of must have item to survive this age. iMetry is stable, cool, sophisticated, fashionable, affordable and portable and easy to use. You can hold in your bag, or have your own in your bookshelf, and you can prepare for the dooms day. You can check spectrum instantly by yourself. iMetry provides some helps to decide yourself whether if you need to evacuate right now or not. iMetry would also helps you to decide when you can be back. Let’s prepare for the future now. You can also leave your outdated iPads ( except for iPad 1 which is not good for continuous operation ) with iMetry using Xively, you can set private monitoring post more precise( lessor drift ) than government post, in your home. To make it work together, iMetry system requires iMetry: the detector module itself, iPad, its special dedicated application: iMetry, and external micro-B USB power supply.

Energy Compensations were supported by the software updates
Energy Compensations (EC) were supported by recent software updates, that require no hardware change.EC support were committed from the first release of iMetry just with software updates, no hardware change. This commitment were achieved.Existing customers and new customer would benefit with this feature, compensating energy, can measure compensated dose rate, based on radiation pulse energy.

Why spectrometry feature is essential for Geiger counter?
Using Geiger counter, you cannot identify what’s the origin of radiation. Using iMetry, you can roughly identify whether if the radiation source is from Cesium or Radon, so easily. You can instantly identify marble based radiation or artificial radiation from Cesium, in the field. Without iMetry, you cannot tell 0.15 μSv/h radiation whether if from marble stone radon or cesium. In case of 0.15 – 0.2 μSv/h (it’s regular radiation level of natural marble origin), it takes roughly about 30 minutes to do roughly screening whether if it is from reactor origin cesium or marble, using iMetry spectrometry mode, without extensive expertise.

You may require extensive inspection for final judgement using Germanium spectrometry, iMetry can only be used for initial rough screening, but much better than simple Geiger counters. iMetry require Ba-133, and Cs-137 calibration source for re-calibration.

iMetry is roughly 45 times more sensitive than SBM-20 based Geiger counter, but eventually 270-540 times more
iMetry is roughly 45 times more sensitive than SBM-20 based Geiger counter, but more. In view of cpm/μSv/h, sbm-20 is roughly 132. The sensitivity of iMetry is 45 times more sensitive, but if you use iMetry in 1h average mode, its sensitivity is compared with 5-10 minutes averaged SBM-20 based regular Geiger counter system, 540-270 times more sensitive. That’s the reason why iMetry can tell so many digits in view of relative radiation level comparison at the same occasion. As for absolute measurement, the measured value is more affected to environmental temperature and iMetry’s drift, and calibration condition, its very hard to use precisions, but you can compare at the same moment, measuring several times to check and roughly identify sample specimen difference to control sample, especially in the lead box and spectrometry mode. I metry have a finite resolution.

Just with 1cm thick lead plate, you can try and review extreme sensitivity of iMetry without bringing any radiation source
You can feel iMetry’s extreme performance just preparing 1cm thick lead plate. Put iMetry on the lead plate, you can see significantly lowered radiation level instantly. Could you ever experience such thing with your geiger counter ever before? That’s the evidence of the extreme performance of iMetry, iMetry’s so many digits are not just a joke, in view of relative radiation level comparison, at the same occasion, at the same temperature, and humidity, (be aware iMetry is extreme sensitive device) at the moment you measure.

 iMetry without 1cm thick lead plate.(0.0516 micro Sv/h)

 iMetry with 1cm thick lead plate.(0.0355 micro Sv/h)

Credits to Philippe Sama
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