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Friday, 22 August 2014

More of the TEPCO lies

In December 2013 it was clear how bad Fukushima was because having busted TEPCO in a few of it lies again. Then Tepco with its new expensive water filtration system ALPS, that it payed taxpayer money for was starting to fail. 6 months previously (june 2013) TEPCO was forced to admit tons upon tons of highly contaminated water has been and still is leaking into ocean this entire time and that they had no way to stop it. Out of this came the ice wall idea that they projected could be running by april 2014, which we know now also failed.

In Dec 2013 the outdoor radiation levels have reached their highest levels EVER recorded at Japan’s Fukushima (or anywhere els outside in the world). So its surprising Japan would be lifting the food restrictions and living restrictions on the contaminated area 8 months later (Aug 2014) with still no plan for containing the liquefied nuclear core melt-outs from the environment

Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) detected record radiation levels on a duct which connects reactor buildings and the 120 meter tall ventilation pipe dec 2013. TEPCO measured radiation at eight locations around the pipe with the highest estimated at two locations - 25 Sieverts per hour and about 15 Sieverts per hour, the company said.

This is the highest level ever detected outside the reactor buildings, according to local broadcaster NHK. Earlier TEPCO said radiation levels of at least 10 Sieverts per hour were found on the pipe.

“The highest amount of radiation that will reach the U.S. is two orders of magnitude - 100 times - less than the drinking water standard,” Allison Macfarlane said in Tokyo on Friday as cited by Bloomberg. “So, if you could drink the salt water, which you won’t be able to do, it’s still fairly low.” This does not take into account bioaccumulation within marine life or biomagnification multiplying up 100's times in concentration each step up the food chain. truly a biological hazard.

This high radiation is in there stack because they have been discharging the radionuclides in the air. In July 2014 farmers were mad that there food was more contaminated then the last 3 years, TEPCO said the construction on reactor 3 was the culprit but i don't. I think it the radiation from steam/vapour laced hot particles up the stack.

Lifting the living restrictions in the no go zone around Fukushima:

Lifting the food restrictions around Fukushima no go zone

Ice wall failure

Japans Tokyo with levels of plutonium all over from MOX r3

Japan purposely dumps the radioactive water to sea

health effects being confirmed by privet doctors but denied by the nuclear industry controlled doctors.

Picture source dec 2013:
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