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Thursday, 14 August 2014

JP Gov to decide to abort the preceding “frozen water wall” project on 8/19/2014

NRA (Nuclear Regulation Authority) is going to decide to abort the frozen water wall project in underground trench on 8/19/2014.

This is the frozen water wall  project followed by frozen ground wall project, which is to separate the underground trench from turbine buildings.

Because it needs to freeze the water, it is considered to be more difficult than frozen ground wall. However the decision of NRA may affect the entire frozen wall projects.

Tepco started injecting the coolant material in the end of April. They also put 250 t of ice and even dry ice but it hasn’t been frozen by now.
(cf, Drain pipes got clogged due to dry ice project for frozen water wall [URL])

NRA is going to hold a feedback session on 8/19/2014 to decide if they should continue the frozen water wall project or not.
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