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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Hiding behind uncertainty is criminal

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Fukushima releases are very important, multiple items from Japan and the USA and France prove it does not move a finger.

In light of the excerpt, in image below (and spooky) I invite you to watch and listen to an excerpt of the conference from which it is extracted. This video was made ​​at the symposium "The Medical and Ecological Consequences of the Fukushima Nuclear Accident" ( medical & environmental consequences of the nuclear accident at Fukushima) organized by the Helen Caldicott Foundation on 11 & 12 March 2013 in New York. 


(excerpt from the report 111 of the International Commission of Radiological Protection) Here is video of the conference, noted that European food standards are stricter than in the USA.

Post-Fukushima Food Monitoring in the U.S.
Cindy Folkers, of, gave this informative presentation as part of the 2-day international symposium on 'The Medical and Ecological Consequences of the Fukushima Nuclear Accident,' held at the New York Academy of Medicine, NYC,
March 11 & 12, 2013, co-sponsored by The Helen Caldicott
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