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Friday, 22 August 2014

Doctor links recent outbreaks of ‘mysterious ­rashes’ to Fukushima — Cancer Specialist: “There’s so much societal pressure to not even mention the word radiation”

Time Magazine, Hannah Beech and Dominic Nahr, Aug 21, 2014: Yukie lived in Futaba, a tidy town where many residents worked at the nearby nuclear plant… Yukie entered an arranged marriage with a nuclear worker [who] still works at the plant, which is why she doesn’t want her full name used… After the evacuation order went out, Yukie and her family ran home—just under 2 miles from Fukushima ­Daiichi—to grab a few essentials, like blankets and diapers for her daughter. Then they piled into a car and drove northwest. Unbeknownst to them, the prevailing winds blew radiation along the very same path. Since then, Yukie and her family have moved 10 times, from one set of cramped rooms to another. But the specter of ­radiation—­invisible, odorless, ­tasteless—­follows them. Yukie, 33, and her two small children now live like shut-ins on the outskirts of Iwaki, the biggest city near Fukushima Daiichi… Earlier this year, her daughter broke out in mysterious ­rashes; one visiting doctor speculated that radiation could have caused the outbreaks. (Other doctors, however, blamed different causes.) Yukie suffers from frequent nosebleeds, which she says she never had before the disaster… many parents around Fukushima fear for their children’s health… “There’s so much societal pressure to not even mention the word radiation,” says Sachihiko Fuse, an oncologist who helps run a private medical clinic in Fukushima city. “The national and prefectural governments say, ‘Please, there’s no danger, live as normal.’ But people are concerned.”… no one knows exactly how stress can manifest itself in physical complaints, including nosebleeds.

Speech by Kazuko Ito, Esq., member of the UN Women Regional Civil Society Advisory Group and Secretary General of Japan-based NGO Human Rights Now (At 5:00 in), published by Cinema Forum Fukushima on July 30, 2014: Until now 74 cases of thyroid cancer were identified among affected children, so this is huge. However the government has no plan to expand the health monitoring system… People, especially vulnerable groups such as women and children, are exposed to serious health risks… The government is actively engaged with the safety propaganda, the government conducts no proper guidance regarding the risk of radiation — instead the government underestimates the low level radiation and actively disseminates opinions such as ‘No evidence of physical harm under 100 millisieverts per year.’ Before the accident we talk about 1 millisieverts a year, but now government talks about 100 millisieverts is ok, so how dangerous is it, you could imagine.
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