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Monday, 11 August 2014

【ADDITIONAL INTENTIONAL RELEASE is planned - "purified" highly contaminated water to the Pacific】

【ADDITIONAL INTENTIONAL RELEASE is planned - "purified" highly contaminated water to the Pacific】
 汚染地下水を「浄化」し海へ 東電が計画

It is estimated that 200 tons of highly contaminated ground water is seeping into the Pacific Ocean at Fukushima Daiichi NPP site EVERY DAY. (in addition to 400 tons, which was previously reported?)

TEPCO has been constructing seaside impermeable wall to pump contaminated ground water and remove the radioactive materials.

The construction of "Purification" facility has begun, and they expect to complete it as well as impermeable wall by September this year. But the capacity to store "Purified" water is very limited.

Although they are doing bypass release of ground water which is pumped BEFORE getting into the site, they have not "intentionally" released "purified" highly contaminated ground water to the ocean yet.

TEPCO said that they won't implement the plan without a consent from the local fishermen, but also said "it would be better than letting the radioactive water directly leak to the ocean."






While ALPS keeps failing its operation, how they can "purify" the contaminated groundwater?

Reminder: how to read a report like this.

”Purified” = filtered (only some isotopes will be filtered to the extent which is possible with current technology and financial capacity)

”Safe” = below standard or limit which is set by each government or company to maintain their economy
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