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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Ucluelet West Coast Fishermen ' Fukushima debris waist high'

Ucluelet West Coast Fishermen ' Fukushima debris waist high'

Fisherman 1: We saw some dolphins… lots of sea lions… and lots of junk from Japan. 
Question: I was wondering about Fukushima, and all the stuff… You’re seeing that debris? 

Fisherman 2: Oh yeah… southwest of Langara [Island] — waist high, full of everything. It’s incredible, piles and piles… Drift nets up there with catastrophic death in them, it’s just horrifying… If you want to see incredible stuff, southwest of Langara… the drift nets have got everything in it dead… it’s bad, real bad — that all comes across from Fukushima… The currents are big, bringing everything in. We’ll see tide lines for 10-15 miles of just rows of shit floating [...] 

Question: Were you given any warning by the government that it could be radioactive or dangerous to your health? 

Fisherman 3: No.

Japan Tsunami debris and Northern Gateway pipeline approved

Question: Other fishermen… are saying that there’s a lot of debris out in the ocean now.

Fisherman: A lot of debris from the tsunami… lots… everywhere — Refrigerators floating around… upside-down boats. 
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