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Tuesday, 8 July 2014


Submitted D'un Renard

What about the #1, 2 or 3 spent fuel pool, which each contained over 1,000 assemblies, the common spent fuel pool which had 6,000 assemblies and of course units 5 and 6 which had core assemblies and spent fuel as well. It's a pretty good bet that at least some of that has melted as well."

80% of Fukushima radiation released went over the ocean, and 20% was deposited on land inside Japan, out of that total. "Dr. Michio Kaku, a world renowned CUNY theoretical physicist pointed out on CNN March 18, 2011, Chernobyl involved one reactor and only 57.6 Tons of the reactor core that went into the atmosphere. In dramatic contrast, the Fukushima Daiichi disaster immediately involved six reactors and an IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency, a UN Agency) documented 2,800 Tons of highly radioactive reactor cores.

The only question is, how much of this 2,800 tons of radioactive material ended up going into the air and ocean? If Chernobyl released 57 tons, then wouldn't you agree that the 3 to 5 melted down and out reactors would release at least 3 times more than Chernobyl? Now add the spent fuel pools and it starts looking really, really bad.

As one adds on the multiple orders of magnitude more tons of spent nuclear fuel in the spent fuel pools, it makes Fukushima much worse than anything humanity has seen before. Let's look at this disaster in a way that the nuclear industry does not like to bring attention to, shall we? This evidence is directly from the scientific studies that the pro nuclear scientists are putting out.....

Via james Mark Anthony Taylor "Each one of units 1, 2, and 3 had approximately 500 fuel assemblies in them. (unit 1 was a little less than 500, 2, 3, and 4 all hold 548 if my memory is correct. Unit 4 had been unloaded at the time of the accident) Each fuel assembly is a matrix of 12 foot long fuel rods, I think 10 x10 rods and weighs approximately a ton, about half being the heavy fuel encased in zirconium shells.

So, somewhere around 750 tons (500 assemblies x 3 reactors x 1 ton x 1/2 nuke fuel) of fuel was lost to the environment when the cores of 1, 2, and 3 exploded or melted out. Probably another 250 tons was lost when whatever burned and exploded out of the #4 equipment pool. That get's you to my 2,000,000+ pounds number. We also know that at least some of the fuel in the spent fuel pools has melted down - as underwater camera views have shown some burned assemblies in the #4 pool. Is there any evidence that a massive amount of radiation came out of Fukushima?

The answer is YES!

Event Peak Radiation Reading In Bq/m³

2,400 Nuclear weapons testing peak - 100 Bq/m³
Chernobyl caused a peak reading of - 1,000 Bq/m³
Fukushima caused a peak reading of - 180,000,000 Bq/m³


Chernobyl was around ten times worse than 2,400 nuclear bombs going off.

Fukushima was around 180,000 times worse than 2,400 nuclear bombs going off.

2014 - Fukushima Ocean Radiation Compared To Chernobyl and 2,400 Open Air Nuclear Bomb Tests; via @AGreenRoad

It could be that Fukushima was not responsible for this total peak reading, but rather, multiple other nuclear reactors in Japan also melted down and caused this high peak reading, so it is really a reflection of the total coverup of the scale and scope of this mega nuclear disaster and the lack of true, meaningful information coming out of Japan. But this one comparison serves to accurately frame how really bad the 3/11 mega nuclear disaster really was.


According to a Japan Nuclear Agency, 14 reactors at 4 sites were affected by the earthquake. Fukushima Daiichi was NOT the only one that leaked radioactive substances. Daichi also released massive amounts of radiation, but that has been effectively covered up. Many nuclear plants were negatively affected, such as Daini, Onagawa, and Tokai. How much damage did they sustain, and how much radiation did they release? The pro nuclear 'experts' will not go here. They will not even discuss or acknowledge this simple, basic fact.

On 3/11; 15 Nuclear Reactors In Japan Were Damaged, Not 3 or 4; via A Green Road

A simple calculation will explain the huge story that is behind the nuclear industry radioactive glowing wall of secrecy. Just one nuclear or hydrogen bomb open air explosion releases about 2-10 pounds of highly dangerous, life and health destroying radioactive substances that circulate around the globe for tens of thousands of years.

2400 Global Nuclear Atmospheric Bomb Tests 1945-1998; via A Green Road

Up to the point where people became outraged enough to ban open air testing of nuclear weapons, due to the catastrophic rise in genetic diseases, cancers and birth defects all around the world, over 2,400 nuclear bombs had been set off. How much in total pounds of radioactive elements was released into the world 'background radiation' pool due to all of this 'testing'?

There are 2,000 pounds in a ton. Let's multiply 2,400 nuclear bombs X a very conservative 3 pounds each = 7,200 pounds of 1,200 man made long lived radioactive and life destroying substances released in total to the globe. But using a figure of 10 pounds per bomb, the total rises to 24,000 pounds. Dividing 7,200 by 2,000 pounds tells us that between 3.6 to 11 tons of plutonium, uranium and other radioactive elements were released by all of these nuclear bombs.

These bombs were spread out over a span of several generations, so the radiation dose was diluted by both time and distance across the world. Is it any wonder that the raising the background radiation globally by a huge amount.

Background Radiation Has Increased 600 Percent - 1 mSv In 1950 To over 6 mSv In 2014; Where Is This Coming From?

The 3 - 10 tons of 1,200 or so man made radioactive elements from the 2,400 open air nuclear tests can still be measured all around the world in the soil, air, and oceans. These poisonous elements are constantly and forever being concentrated as they travel up the food chain to people, who are at the top of the food pyramid. These radioactive elements will continue to do this for millions of years, until all of these 1,200 plus man made radioactive elements totally decay away.

Radioactive strontium can still be easily measured in the bones and teeth of everyone alive today, with the proper testing equipment. Measuring the radiation in baby teeth is one way of measuring the body burden of strontium in the body for example.

These 2,400 nuclear tests were enough to cause a HUGE rise in deaths, diseases and genetic problems, which has largely been covered up and denied by both the nuclear and the medical industry. The medical industry is constantly clamoring for more money to 'study' the problem of what causes cancer. They have no clue what causes all of these cancers, supposedly, but they are absolutely sure that all of the rise in cancers and all of the other diseases has NOTHING to do with the tons and tons of radioactive elements released into the environment globally. Did you think that doctors were more intelligent than you? It might be time for your to change your mind. We still have not talked about the releases of radiation from nuclear power plants, nuclear accidents and releases from mines, reproccesing facilities and more.

A full scale nuclear war TODAY, would mean around 10,000 nuclear bombs set off globally, resulting in a life extinction event, with practically NO HUMAN life possible after that. A full scale nuclear war would release not only the radiation in those bombs; it would also cause the meltdown and release of all radiation in spent fuel pools and nuclear power plants globally, and there are over 400 of those, containing hundreds if not thousands of TONS of radioactive elements. Of course the pro nuclear folks believe humans can live through a nuclear war and survive with no problem after that, since radiation is so safe and harmless.

However, just ONE nuclear power plant accident involving a naked and exposed spent fuel pool can release this same amount of radiation and do the exact same thing as a global nuclear war, or worse. The melt down and melt out of just one nuclear plants and it's spent fuel pool would mean approximately 100 tons total of highly radioactive material would be released from the reactor core, and another 1,00 tons could be released from the spent fuel pool.

Essentially, releasing 1,4000 TONS of highly radioactive nuclear material into the air means that all life could be extinguished on Earth. Remember that 2,400 nuclear bombs only released 3 to 10 tons of radioactive elements into the Earth since the 1940's. Now try to imagine what happens when multiple reactors and spent fuel pools all melt down and out at the same time, as was the case at Fukushima.

Numerous nuclear accidents have happened many times since the beginning of the atomic age. Most of these accident s were either completely or mostly covered up and were not even reported, until OTHER COUNTRIES experienced the leaking radiation. For example, other countries forced the Soviets to disclose the Chernobyl accident, and then the Soviets under Gorbachev were forced to take action and evacuate people, many days later, after everyone had been exposed to the worst radiation that comes out initially. This same pattern of denial, refusal to help people, and a cover up of what happened is the 'rule' for every nuclear disaster, not the exception. Most pro nuclear apologists will only admit to 3 nuclear plant meltdowns, but the truth is that 10 times are documented, and this is just a drop in the bucket, because most of these nuclear accidents are treated as state secrets, never to be disclosed.

List Of All 30+ Global Nuclear Reactor Melt Downs; via @AGreenRoad

At Chernobyl, approximately 1 million people were pressed into service to to try and keep the melted corium from reaching groundwater, and this effort was successful. If this had not been done, the entire continent of Europe would probably have been lost and be uninhabitable for tens of thousands of years.

Chernobyl Coverup And Denial Of 1 Million + Casualties; via A Green Road

The Chernobyl Sacrifice; 1 MILLION Liquidators; via A Green Road

Chernobyl only had ONE reactor blow up with a steam explosion. Shortly after that a hydrogen gas fueled explosion happened, followed by an out of control nuclear fire composed of burning graphite, uranium and other radioactive elements. This fire burned for many days, as the Soviet government tried to put it out by dumping millions of pounds of sand, boron, and lead via helicopter on the burning corium. The corium that was not ejected out of the core with the 2 explosions heated up to over 4,500 degrees Fahrenheit. The fuel rods melted down and out of the reactor container, flowing down like lava into the basements under the reactor itself, where they can still be seen today.

Compared to Chernobyl, Fukushima had at least 3 and possibly 5 nuclear reactors that melted down, melted through and out and had buildings that literally blew up. Numerous buildings blew up and and numerous spent fuel pools melted down, caught on fire, and #3 experienced a non hydrogen nuclear explosion, (or as the experts call it, a 'prompt criticality'). AGRP will call this a nuclear explosion, because it ejected the contents of whatever it was that blew up out into the air, and spread fuel fragments for mile around. The radioactive plume then went down over Tokyo and then around the world. Yes, #3 was not an atomic bomb, but the result of what came out of just #3 is actually much worse by many orders of magnitude, than any nuclear bomb would have been.

As the Fukushima Daichi reactors and spent fuel pools melted down and/or burned, they released massive amounts of radioactive material that turned into invisible gases such as Iodine and Xenon, which then went around the world.

Yet, little or none of this is even admitted, much less being reported by the official pro nuclear 'experts' because their paycheck and position in the industry depends on them not disclosing this. Anyone not toeing the line and finding that Fukushima was more than 10% of Chernobyl, loses their source of funding, their job potential in the industry or they are fired.

The money choke hold in the nuclear industry controls the 'acceptable' results in scientific research and what is reported officially through both national and international nuclear 'agencies', such as the IAEA, WHO, UNSCEAR and NRC, just to name a few. It is easy to control the flow of information, because there are so few nuclear experts globally. For more about this corruption and deception, click on link....

Art And Science Of Deception; Global Corporations And The 1%

The money choke hold is why almost all nuclear 'experts' will keep saying that Fukushima released no more than 10% of Chernobyl. Because the nuclear industry toes the glowing radioactive line, this also explains why the mass media is so silent about the Fukushima mega nuclear disaster. Through massive advertising budgets and no investigative reporters, the nuclear industry effectively controls the mass media reports about Fukushima as well.

There no investigative journalists and nuclear experts from other countries researching these damaged or destroyed and melted down Fukushima nuclear plants and their associated spent fuel pools. Reporters merely repeat what they are fed by TEPCO. No independent outside neutral nuclear agency exists to demand answers and accountability. The nuclear agencies that do exist are all more or less 'captured' or corrupted organizations, who are mostly biased or totally corrupted by the profit motivated nuclear industry through the money and power ties of the global nuclear industry.

Why is there still no definite answer about the current state of these 14 reactors and 14 or more spent fuel pools at all of these nuclear power plants, approximately 3 years (2014) after the mega nuclear disaster happened?

Where are the coriums that melted out of the buildings and containments, and what are they doing today? The nuclear industry does not want to know where they are, so as of today, no one knows where the coriums are, and no one cares to know, despite being able to do so within a month or less.

After Chernobyl, a whole team of nuclear scientists were assigned the task of finding out what happened to the corium by the then Soviet government. These scientists found the Chernobyl melted out corium fairly quickly, with many of them sacrificing their lives in the process due to the extremely high doses of radiation that they received.

In Japan on the other hand, no one has been assigned the job, no one is interested, and there is no goal of ever even finding out where they are. It is very easy to conclude that there is a huge coverup around the Fukushima mega nuclear accident, because if it was known what happened here, it would cause all nuclear power plants to be shut down immediately. The evidence of the cover up around Fukushima in great detail is available via the following link.

Global Corporations And The 1%; Art And Science Of Deception

This article will start answering the question about how much total radiation was released by Fukushima, broken down by categories. If you have anything to add, feel free to add to the information found here in the comments section, or by contacting AGRP directly, via the website contact page at

Event Peak Radiation Reading In Bq/m³

2,400 Nuclear weapons testing peak - 100 Bq/m³
Chernobyl caused a peak reading of - 1,000 Bq/m³
Fukushima caused a peak reading of - 180,000,000 Bq/m³


Chernobyl was around ten times worse than 2,400 nuclear bombs going off.

Fukushima was around 180,000 times worse than 2,400 nuclear bombs going off.

2014 - Fukushima Ocean Radiation Compared To Chernobyl and 2,400 Open Air Nuclear Bomb Tests; via @AGreenRoad

The scientists will not go to the above conclusion, and the best they can do is to admit that Fukushima released 10 to 100 times more radiation than Chernobyl, into the ocean, as per Ken Buessler below.

“In October, a U.S. study – co-authored by oceanographer Ken Buesseler, a senior scientist at the non-profit Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Woods Hole, Mass., – reported Fukushima Daichi alone caused history’s biggest-ever release of radiation into the ocean – 10 to 100 times more than the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear catastrophe.”

Fukushima; Pacific Ocean Catastrophe Confirmed; via A Green Road

Fukushima Leaking Radioactive Water Into Ocean Plume; via A Green Road

Of course, the radiation releases from the melted out coriums continue through leaks from the basements of Fukushima. The radiation releases from the Fukushima site is only getting worse over time, and the radiation amounts per liter of water are only going up, from 3/11 to present day. There is no total amount of radiation released yet, because the Fukushima mega nuclear disaster is not over yet and the out of control release of radiation is still happening from the Fukushima plant, with unknown amounts ending up in the ocean. The amount being released is being totally covered up, largely due to pressure from the nuclear industry, and the complicity of the mass media and the Japanese government, which passed a secrecy law, making it illegal to talk about nuclear disasters.

Comparing Contaminated Zones Around Chernobyl And Fukushima Ocean Radiation Released; via A Green Road

The nuclear explosion at Unit #3 spent fuel pool blew uranium and plutonium pellets as well as particles, dust and melted fuel in a radius of up to 3 kilometers. Since the plant sits right next to the ocean, much of this highly radioactive fuel went into the ocean. That MOX fuel is sitting on the bottom of the Pacific ocean, radiating all of the ocean water that is going by, plus all of the sea life.

What really happened at Fukushima? via A Green Road

High-level radiation found over 300 km stretch off Fukushima ..
May 28, 2011 ... For more information see: Fukushima I Nuke Plant: High Concentration of Radioactive Cesium in the Ocean Soil in 300-Kilometer Strip Along ...

Chernobyl expert: Fukushima is “largest delivery of radiation into the ...Sep 29, 2011 ... "When we saw the numbers — hundreds of millions of becquerels — we knew this was the largest delivery of radiation into the ocean ever ...

Scientists: Radioactivity in sea NOT falling off — Hypothesis says ...Sep 29, 2011 ... The scientists had expected to find ocean radiation levels falling off sharply after a few months. "Rather than leveling off toward zero, ...

Groundwater a likely source for continued flow of radiation into ocean. Dec 8, 2011 ... Groundwater a likely source for continued flow of radiation into ocean — “ Complete melt through” so “not surprising” discharges continue, says ...

AP: Radiation contamination detected 400 miles from Fukushima ...Radiation detected 400 miles off Japanese coast. Source: ... has been detected as far as almost 400 miles off Japan in the Pacific Ocean, ...

Japan Gov't Data: 65% of marine life test positive for cesium Jan 15, 2012 ... It meant the ocean wasn't diluting the radiation as expected. If it had been, cesium levels would have kept falling. The finding suggested ...

There is also the matter of what happened to the nuclear fuel that got blown out of Fukushima Reactor and/or spent fuel pool #3.

The radiation from these highly radioactive rod pieces is entering the ocean even to this day, polluting and contaminating the ocean currents going by Fukushima, for potentially millions of years.

The authorities cemented over the underwater part of the man made bay right next to the plant, so this cut down on the amount of radiation released from these highly radioactive pieces of fuel rod toxicity. Until the pieces of rods blown out into the ocean beyond the bay are all found, gathered up and properly stored away from all living things, they will probably continue to cause problems with ocean radiation for tens of thousands of years, if not millions of years into the future.

Could these fuel rods be the reason for the high radiation readings found by very recent ocean monitoring 20-400 miles off the coast of Fukushima?

The rivers all up and down Japan are also adding unknown radioactive amounts to the ocean, as radiation washes down the rivers from the mountains and farms from all over Japan. The Japanese are also burning radioactive debris all over Japan, and this airborne radiation source also ends up in the ocean. Radioactive ashes are dumped into Tokyo Bay, and reports have also come in about radioactive soil and debris being dumped into the rivers.

Recently, TEPCO got permission to dump radioactive water into the Pacific, instead of storing it on site.

Bottom line, groundwater, rivers, bits of spent fuel rods and airborne radiation that ends up in the ocean continues to release massive amounts of radiation into the Pacific on a constant, never ending basis.

The Pacific ocean was already dying from global warming, acidification, and marine pollution such as plastic and chemicals. This just puts another stress on the ocean, which will cause the death spiral to accelerate even faster and further.



According to the ICRP, the Fukushima 'accident' released 73.47 BILLION lethal doses (by inhalation) AND 15.53 BILLION lethal doses by ingestion, with over 88.00 BILLION total lethal doses of alpha radiation released. Source:

Fukushima Spewing Equivalent of 112 Hiroshima Nuclear Bombs Worth of Radiation Every Hour; via A Green Road

Dr. Paolo Scampa Reports That Fukushima Released 3,000 Billion Lethal Doses Of Radiation; via A Green Road

“The Fukushima disaster has proved that nuclear industry should be controlled only by the state and not by private companies. The outcome of this tragedy has turned even worse than it was in Chernobyl. Graphite which was part of the reactor`s core, burnt out and vanished in the atmosphere. But at Fukushima the reactor`s core melted.” The Voice Of Russia

"Regarding the radioactive noble gas Xenon‐133, the results indicate an emission of 16700 Peta‐Becquerel (1 Becquerel is one radioactive decay per second, 1 Peta‐Becquerel equals 1015 Bq). This is the largest civilian noble gas release in history, exceeding the Chernobyl noble gas release by a factor of 2.5|"

According to one expert who actually included the #3 reactor and spent fuel pool blowing up:” under the Conservative Estimate, and using .89% Plutonium per Table 1, this would be 640 pounds of Plutonium aerosolized.”

It only takes about 1 - 200 pounds of plutonium dust distributed globally to kill everyone on the planet, if distributed equally. This very dangerous radioactive plutonium release has been totally covered up, with very good reason. Of course, this radioactive air release is still going on, despite claims of ‘cold shutdown’. If the #3 reactor was used as a breeder reactor, then up to a TON (2,000 pounds) of plutonium may have been blown sky high.

How Dangerous Is 400-600 Pounds Of Plutonium Nano Particle Dust Liberated By Fukushima? Via A Green Road

Hot Particles (Fuel Fleas) From Fukushima Continue To Circulate Globally; via A Green Road

Fukushima Nano Bucky Balls Weaponized With Uranium, Plutonium, And Cesium; via A Green Road

TEPCO does not know where the melted through 65 ton corium blobs are from ANY of the other Fushima Daichi reactors 1-5. ALL spent fuel pools and reactors at Fukushima are OPEN TO THE AIR since 3/11. Some of these spent fuel pools melted down either partially or completely, which means radiation is coming out of melted corium, ongoing criticalities, etc. So it is not over yet. #4 spent fuel pool is in danger of collapsing..

Is Fukushima really in cold shutdown? via A Green Road

Ex Fukushima Engineer Confesses; No Cold Shutdown, Warned of Tsunami 20 Yrs Ago; via A Green Road

Radioactive Smoke/Steam Coming Out Of Ground At Fukushima 2.28.2012; via A Green Road

Remember that it only takes 30 tons of nuclear material released into the air globally to extinguish all life on the planet, via a global nuclear war. How many tons did Fukushima release?

“A recently disclosed Tepco documentation indicates total emissions estimates of both plutonium 239 and neptunium 239 for the first 100 hours of the catastrophe. This leaked Tepco document [19] suggests a release of 1.2 trillion bq of PLUTONIUM - p-238,p-239,p-240 and p-241 collectively and 76 trillion bq of NEPTUNIUM - Np-239 within the first 100 hours of the catastrophe”

But the disaster is still beginning. The Japanese are burning nuclear waste materials from Fukushima and spreading that radiation all over Japan via airborne emissions.

Dr Nakayama MD - Japan Contaminating Everyone By Burning High Level Radioactive Waste, 100,000 Bq/kg via @AGreenRoad

Japan Suffered 3 Mega Disasters, Now Suffering From 4th Mega Nuclear Disaster, USA Will Be Next; via @AGreenRoad



Question about total radiation … at Fukushima

After the tsunami and reactor meltdowns at Fukushima, they ran out of fresh cooling water, so they brought in a huge amount of water via a barge, that was then used up, and filled with radioactive waste water coming out of the reactors. The Japanese injected 10-15m³ per hour of fresh or sea water at 8 points in 4 reactors plus 4 spent fuel pools. It is now down the road several years. The total amount of water injected calculates out roughly to 300 day`s x 24 hours x 30000- 50000 liters per day. By these calculations, what is the total amount of water used?

"The tanks were installed to contain an increasing amount of water with …radioactive substances. About 1,000 tanks contain an estimated 120,000 tons of contaminated water.“

In ONE YEAR, TEPCO accumulated 1,000 tanks with 120,000 tons of water. If this keeps on going like this for thirty years, that will mean 30,000 tanks... Are they all earthquake proof? How long will they last? How much radiation is in those? What happens if they leak? Are they guarded? What happens if a terrorist blows up some of them, or a plane crashes into them?


What is their volume, and what kind of radiation does this water contain? There is one estimate of beta radiation in at least one tank… Jiji: 5 billion becquerels of beta radiation in 10 liters of decontaminated water — Includes strontium and cesium January 10, 2012

Nikkei: Two sieverts/hr of beta radiation emitted from a single liter of leaked water

So how much radiation does that calculate out to onsite in these storage tanks, given the above facts?

A worker at Fukushima disclosed that the tanks were built with no warranty and were designed to last only one year. At the one year point, the site contained 1,000 tanks. At the two years point, how many additional 'temporary' tanks were added? Two years in, reports come in almost daily about leaking tanks. This problem will get much worse.

How long can they continue to do this? They cannot release any cooling water to the ocean, because the reactor cores are all leaking and the cooling water is coming in direct contact with melted corium, which it is not supposed to be doing in a normal reactor.

Everything running through the reactors and/or spent fuel pools is highly radioactive. Plus, all of the Rube Goldberg plastic pipes are leaking continuously, and the tanks are leaking as well.

Tepco: New leak releasing enough beta rays to cause radiation sickness — Leakage in at least 30 locations found recently....

10L of water leakage “500,000Bq/cm3, Fukushima Diary, Jan. 10, 2012:

* Water leaking from the tank to storage abandoned salty water after purifying system of highly contaminated water
* It was 10 Liters leak
* It’s supposed to contained a portion of radionuclides such as Cesium or Strontium, which is 500,000 Bq/cm3
Conversion: 500,000 Bq/cm3 = 500,000 Bq/ml = 500,000,000 Bq/liter = 5,000,000,000 Bq in 10 Liters of water
FIVE BILLION Bq/10 liters

They say this will continue for 30-40 years. Our bet is that they will run out of room and money in several years. Realistically, how long can they continue this process before they are overwhelmed with highly radioactive water?

Over 100,000 tons of highly radioactive water is in the basements of DAINI, which is down the road from DAICHI about ten miles. Bet you never heard about that either. .

As of 6/2013 the tanks are no longer accumulating water. New tanks are not being built, where the original projections were that they would have to build 1,000 tanks per year to handle the 'leaking' water from the reactors.

The total amount of water on site in tanks is decreasing, not accumulating. Despite what TEPCO claims, they are dumping everything into the ocean or evaporating it via the high temperature incinerator building, and the clampdown plus secrecy act is preventing any news about this from escaping.

The TEPCO page above shows a couple of things. First, the reactors are all leaking directly from very 'hot' core material inside the reactors directly into several reactor buildings basements, marked in red (liquid). These reactor buildings are connected via underground connecting pipes, tubes and channels to other buildings on the site, and to the ocean. Since all building foundations are damaged and cracked, this highly radioactive liquid leaks out of these channels, basements, tubes and cracks into the groundwater, which then goes to the ocean. Of course, TEPCO does not show that part, as that would be considered a 'harmful rumor'.

This highly radioactive liquid from the building basements is then pumped through a number of other buildings, and an evaporation building, and then it is put back into the reactor within multiple buildings. What happens to all of the water that leaks out of these buildings, with cracked up basements? That is not shown in the very neat picture above. At the above website address, the figures also show that the TOTAL amount of water on site being stored has been dropping over the last three months, maybe much longer. There are no new tanks being build anymore three years into this mega disaster. Why not? Nothing has changed as far as the leaks, the amount of water they are pouring over the broken reactors and the amount that is leaking out of them. The underground coriums are still there, contaminating all the groundwater they are in contact with.

The leaks from the basements, the leaks from the reactors, the leaks from the tanks, all continue on without any attempt to stop them. The underground coriums continue to interact with the groundwater, and that highly radioactive water continues to flow into the ocean, non stop. There is no attempt to even find out where they are. As of 2014, things are getting much worse and are going backward, as far as what is going into the Pacific ocean.



UNKNOWN - There are no estimates, no one is studying it, no one is monitoring it. So far, no one seems to care.

There are two main concerns. First, the 3 or more melted100 ton blobs of highly radioactive corium went out of the 1-3 reactor buildings and they are now underground, in contact with groundwater.

The Fukushima site is turning out to be much like Hanford with all of its cover-ups and secret spills, leaks, and underground aquifer contamination.

Mainichi: Radiation detected in drinking water from underground ...Dec 26, 2011 ... Mainichi: Radiation detected in drinking water from underground source — Over 15 miles from Fukushima meltdowns ...

German Radiation Expert: No way to stop nuclear fuel that's melted ... Dec 4, 2011 ... German Radiation Expert: No way to stop nuclear fuel that's melted-through — Can only pray it does not touch underground water vein (VIDEO) ...

NHK, Tepco finally confirm steam came up from underground Oct 17, 2011 ... 1 detected radiation of 4.7 Sv/hr, almost a 20% increase over June's ... "It is assumed that melted fuel rods are sinking deep underground, ...


NO ONE is counting the total of ALL OF THE ABOVE. No one is counting or tracking ongoing radiation releases. We are NOT counting what is in the large radioactive water storage tanks on site.

NO ONE is counting radioactive water that went underground. NO ONE is counting the radiation released from and still being released into the air, groundwater and ocean from the two nuclear explosions at #3 reactor and spent fuel pool.. Both of these sources of radiation release have way more tonnage of highly dangerous Plutonium and Uranium MOX fuel.

MOX fuel is about 1 million times more dangerous than plain old Chernobyl style fuel, and this MOX fuel went up into the air and down into the ground, where the coriums are leaking their radiation into the ocean, directly.. This FACT is NOT in any calculations or guesses, as far as how much radiation is going into the ocean, but the amounts are massive and will go on forever.


Under Reporting Of Fukushima Radiation

Cesium has been found at 1,000 times higher concentrations in places like Tokyo than the air concentration at the peak of nuclear weapons testing fallout.. This is serious fallout, but is being ignored by Japanese authorities, who are looking only at exterior dose rates, and nothing else. For more information about radiation levels in Tokyo Japan, click on the following link.

Tokyo; Is It Safe To Visit or Live In?

There is a very serious radioactive contamination in Tokyo. There was a place in Tokyo that has higher levels of radiation than in the Chernobyl exclusion zone, but Japan is covering this up completely.

AGRP has not seen any counts yet, that total ALL radioactive emissions from FUKU, based on realistic scenarios. NO actual data from monitoring equipment has been released yet.

The dangers from just ONE spent fuel pool at Fukushima Daichi that is in very serious trouble, boggles the mind. If Spent Fuel Pool #4 falls over, it will cause a cascade effect that may very well result in the extinction of all life on the planet. Again, most mass media news outlets are not covering this danger and Japan's inaction around it.

Fukushima Reactor 4; Global Life Extinction Event If It Collapses; via A Green Road

This nuclear disaster site is threatening the world's population, but (so far) no other world government seems to be interested in learning what the truth is, or even in helping to control and clean up the situation there. Much could be done, but so far, very little is being done.

There are NO battery or solar powered community controlled radiation monitors downwind, and none on the ‘vent’ stacks at any of the 400 nuclear power plants around the world, even today. All nuclear reactors and nuclear power plants are nuclear bombs, barely controlled and slowed down by 'experts'.

Multiple Nuclear Reactors Bombed; All Nuclear Reactors ARE Bombs; via A Green Road

Any nuclear plant can quickly turn into a disaster that makes a whole country uninhabitable. A nuclear disaster can and does cause the collapse of an entire countries economy.

Gorbachev; Chernobyl Nuclear Accident Was Real Cause Of The Collapse of Soviet Union; via A Green Road

Fukushima Crisis Total Cost $1 - $10 TRILLION Dollars; via A Green Road

When accidents happen, what typically happens is that these monitors 'fail' or turn off. Thus, no one can really tell how much radiation was released, and the company can claim it was 'only a small amount', because no one can prove otherwise.

Lists of nuclear disasters and radioactive incidents; via A Green Road

How much radiation has been released from Fukushima into:



On site water storage tanks

Air over ocean, all nuclear materials, not just 2 out of 100

Japanese Groundwater under plant

Sprayed radioactive water on forests

Soil all over Japan

Radioactive water from Fukushima, put in tanker ships, and then taken or dumped where????

GAS emissions

Dust emissions

Nuclear explosion(s) emissions and dust from MOX fuel

Hydrogen explosions emissions

Emissions coming from spent fuel pools

Radioactive releases from criticalities in spent fuel pools and/or hydrogen and/or nuclear explosions

Emissions going up vent stacks at all reactors 1-5 after 3/11?

Radioactive materials and gases thrown out of dozens of high level radioactive waste incinerators all across Japan

Radioactive ashes dumped into Tokyo Bay, rivers, etc.

Radioactive river and lake water flowing into ocean

Ongoing emissions into air, water, see above

NO ONE has yet even attempted to TOTAL ALL OF THE ABOVE, much less what is STILL COMING OUT OF FUKUSHIMA TODAY…

Reporting anything less is NOT SCIENTIFIC. Those who have declared with great certainty that Fukushima is only 10% of Chernobyl are making huge fools of themselves and their reputations, because there is no accurate and completely scientific information about the total amount of radiation that has come out of Fukushima from 3/11 to present day. The scientists that use 'computer models' to downplay this mega disaster are

This mega disaster with 3 China Syndrome coriums is just starting, and it will get worse from here. Follow the drama and see how it will play out, despite the huge global coverup in progress. Mother Nature has a way of teaching lessons. It may take awhile, but AGRP believes that the truth will eventually come out via the consequences that will affect human, animal and plant populations not just in Japan, but all around the world. AGRP just hopes that the truth comes out and this sad situation is dealt with.

Why isn't TEPCO even trying to find the 'missing' coriums?

2014 Update - Total Fukushima Radiation Released Into Ocean, Air, Groundwater, Storage Tanks, etc
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