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Thursday, 10 July 2014


The Neoguri supertyphoon speed entering Southern Japan Okinawa was at 270kms per hour (167 miles per hour.)

Now after having crossed Japan in a northeastward direction and gone thru 1203.7 kms (747.97miles), the Neoguri supertyphoon speed dropped down to a much lower speed 93 kms per hour (57,7 miles per hour)

By the time it will reach Fukushima it is estimated that its speed would have become 72 kms per hour (45 miles per hour)

Dont worry at 72kms per hour speed (45 miles per hour) no Fukushima Daiichi reactor will fly off the ground.... 

But do expect a contamination/radiation spike increase locally and then some of it disperse eastward thru the Jet Stream , due to the quantity of radioisotopes which would have been stirred up from the mountain forests of Fukushima to become scattered everywhere.

Stay out of the rain. Thank you.

July 10, 2014 12:00 Z
Coordinates33.8N 136.8E
Wind Speed93 kph
Wind Gust130 kph
MovementENE @ 41kph
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