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Saturday, 26 July 2014

Strontium-90 detected from seawater of Fukushima plant port in 95% of the tests

Strontium-90 was measured from most of the areas in Fukushima plant port from January to March. 2014.

On 7/25/2014, Tepco released the report about Strontium-90 analysis of seawater to reveal that they had measured Strontium-90 in most of the seawater samples taken from Fukushima plant port from January to March.

The sampling areas are in front of Reactor 1~4, inside and the exit of the port, and outside of the port.
Strontium-90 was detected from 40 of 42 measurements. The measurement point outside of the port was only beside Reactor5&6 water outlet (cf, Reactor5&6 pump up 6,000 tones of seawater per hour from Fukushima port to discharge to outside of the port [URL]), however 17 ~ 690 Bq/m3 of Sr-90 was detected at that point.

Sr-90 was detected in the exit of the port from February to March. The highest reading was 1,000 Bq/m3. They didn’t analyze seawater around the port exit, but there is a possibility that they tried to conceal Sr-90 data spreading out of the port.

The highest reading was 400,000 Bq/m3 measured in the North part of Reactor 1~4 water intake.
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