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Sunday, 20 July 2014

STILL ONGOING FISSION: Over 1,000 Bq/Kg of I-131 measured from sewage sludge in Northern part of Fukushima prefecture

Such high quantity of found Iodine 131 can mean only one thing:
There is still some ongoing fission!!!

Photo : Graph of I-131 and Cs-134/137 reading in sewage sludge
 from Northern part of Fukushima prefecture

According to Fukushima prefectural government, high level of Iodine-131 was measured from sewage sludge (Dry state) this June.
The sludge was collected in the Northern part of Fukushima prefecture.

Their data shows I-131 started being detected on 6/12/2014. It kept being detectable since then and it reached the peak on 6/14/2014. The reading was 1,017.2 Bq/Kg.
It was still 800 Bq/kg the next day.
I-131 density went in the decreasing trend after the peak, but it kept on being detected until the end of June. The data of July hasn’t been published.

I-131 can be detected when it’s used for medical treatment, and also nuclear fission occurred in Fukushima nuclear plant.

It could have been from the medical usage, however it can be unlikely to have increased gradually.

Cs-134/137 has been continuously detected from the beginning of this year.

Tepco has made no announcement about this I-131 measurement.

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