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Thursday, 17 July 2014

Reactor 5 pool coolant system won’t get back on until August

Photo : The leaking hole is currently covered with the hardening agent and a piece of wood is put on tied by some belt.

Reactor 5 temperature jumped up 13 ℃ while losing coolant system only for 2 days [URL]

From Tepco’s plant parameter, the temperature of Reactor 5 had rapidly increased since they directed the coolant system to SFP 5 (spent fuel pool in Reactor 5) on 7/8/2014.
Until they got the coolant system back to the normal stand on 7/10/2014, the reactor temperature jumped up from 29℃ to 42.5 ℃ (The graph above is the plotted plant parameters).
This means Reactor 5 is still aggressively heated even though Tepco declares it is in the cold shut down state.

In the meantime, SFP 5 was cooled down from 33℃ to 24 ℃.

Tepco still has no clue to reboot the coolant system of SFP 5. Until they finally restart the coolant system, Tepco will have to play a seesaw game to cool down both of the reactor and pool only by one coolant system.

On 7/17/2014, Tepco announced the coolant system of SFP 5 (Reactor 5 Spent Fuel Pool) will be suspended until August.
They announced the only way to recover the coolant system is to replace it with the same part of Reactor 3 in Fukushima Daini.
Tepco states there won’t be a problem even if they close the system in Reactor 3 of Fukushima Daini.

The leaking part will be removed by tomorrow, and it is planned to be replaced in the end of this month.

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