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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Radiation and our Concerns and Responses Discussion at God Like Productions

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Re: SFP 5 now at risk.....RadChick and Perth Are Correct--UPDATED-Time Is Up
I honestly think that many people who've grasped the basics of the Fukushima disaster have to reach some psychological accommodation with reality in order to continue to function. A form of selective denial, perhaps.
 Quoting: aHEMagain

I've listened to almost every Deagle/Rense and Shimatsu/Rense broadcast on Fukushima, I've watched the majority of the Fukushima videos by BueatifulGirlByDana, Niburumagick2012, and Blanch as well as so many others including Loren Moret's videos, I've read most of your posts on Fukushima and most of the threads here and many on enenews but just a fraction of the following post by Radchick still FLOORED ME. There is so much more to this than I honestly think any of us can comprehend.

Your concept of "selective denial" may be one reason why. That's a great concept by the way, is that your own idea?

Someone should write a book on all the possible effects of Fukushima, it would be a very long book that would read like science fiction and be extremely fascinating BUT only a few die-hards would bother to read it, maybe we're all in denial here.

Quoting Radchick:
Or, think of it this way. If people knew the true extent, would they:

1) Continue eating fish?
2) Continue eating at restaurants without knowing how food is prepared or where it is sourced from?
3) Continue going on vacations to the west coast, Hawaii, etc etc - where tourism is closely tied to economy?
4) Hassle teachers and schools about kids waiting for buses in rain? Playing in rain/snow at recess? Or would they just keep kids home on rain or snow days? And stay home from work themselves?
5) Demand lowering of rad standards? or truthfulness from govt sources?
6) Demand explanations for increased mortality? Sicknesses? Cancers? Miscarraiges and maternal death? Babies born with birth defects? How about for people who live around nuke plants? How about for people who have health effects from sites of other nuke accidents? Uranium processing facilities? Bomb making plants?
7) Demand rad monitoring of all food in stores, which will run hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars in equipment in personnel to check in each grocery chain?
8) Run the risk of millions of people who stop paying taxes when they realize their govt has been trying to kill them all these years by putting nuke plants everywhere under the guise of cheap electricity, when actually it was to gather plutonium from the fission process of uranium?

This is just 'fallout' off the top of my head, and far from a complete list.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 60246655

In a way we are all in denial, even those of us who have studied this hardcore, because of this one thing:

Eventually, TEPCO will lose control of the plant.

There is no way they will get all the rods out of all 6 top-floor pools before that happens. It's now just a matter of when.

Whether it's an EQ, reactor 4 collapse, even one pool failure in any of it's components (metal integrity, seals, ability to hold water, problems with auxillary pipes and parts like what happened in reactor 5), if the workers have to leave because rad levels are too high, all the pouring and plugging and sweeping and duct taping and whatever else they are doing over there will not be able to be maintained.

So when one pool goes, they could all go...and then we are done for.

For awhile I thought moving to the S hemisphere would be the way to mitigate for this, but really, if that plant goes likely the others nearby will too. So really how much time are you buying yourself? The contamination in the food chain would be horrendous. You might get a few more years, but be forced to watch while everyone you love and left behind up north suffers the effects.

Although my family and I revisit this option from time to time (moving) it's unlikely we could all do so together, and none of us want to leave anybody behind. And trust me, we have had some heated discussions over this.

So for now, we will just go down with the ship. And hope that we have some time before that ever happens, or a massive effort is made to contain what they can, or some new technology will be developed that can fix all of the problems there...and there are many. One of the biggest is the groundwater that moves through the site and goes directly into the ocean. Is this groundwater making contact with the corium? If so, and I think likely that it is, there may be a direct conduit between 400-500 tons of corium and the Pacific ocean.

Plankton concentrates rads at 150x higher than surrounding seawater, which we know because the US Army studied and published on this in 1955. They shouldnt bother testing ocean water...they need to be testing the PLANKTON.

But again, that is only one aspect of this disaster.

And no one is testing, or if they are, it's very little.

No one is helpng.

No one is talking about it.

And in the meantime, we get shills and duct tape to mitigate our pain and shut us up, while TEPCO sweeps up to show how clean and wonderful everything is over there. And propaganda masterpieces like "The California Coastal Commission's Fukushima Report" are carefully constructed to lie about how safe everything is...come to our beaches, they are fine! When barely any testing is being done...

They are buying time, and so are we.
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