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Saturday, 12 July 2014


Janick Magne is a French citizen residing 35 years in Japan, she has been entering repeatedly the forbidden zone thanks to the help of a Japanese family who are going there regularly to visit their evacuated house. 

Janick Magne's purpose in going there is to take continuous radiation measures and pictures in order to testify about the real gravity of the situation.  Gravity which the Japanese Goverment and the world mainstream media are mimimizing if not totally omitting to report, covering it up with their well-oiled propaganda and their plain outright lies..

Thank you Janick Magne for your outstanding dedication and your unwavering courage to expose the truth.


Futaba City (where the reactors 5 and 6 are located)
Janick Magne pointing to the slogan "Nuclear energy, energy of a bright future."

"Journalists cannot enter into the Fukushima forbidden zone, it is strictly prohibited.
The only way for ordinary foreigners to enter the forbidden zone is to accompany a Japanese family from the forbidden zone, which will apply for you at the same time as they are applying to the Japanese Authorities every now and then. 
To the exception of journalists as it is strictly prohibited to help journalists to enter the forbidden zone, journalist being written on the Alien Registration Card issued by the Japanese government to residing aliens. Any journalist caught entering the forbidden zone would have to pay a fine of 100,000 yen. (987 US$).

It is only possible to enter the forbidden zone with a special authorization valid for only 5 hours maximum. It is not a place to visit. It is dangerous, it is radioactive, contaminated by various types of radioisotopes. It is the reason for which those houses were evacuated and abandonned.

You can only move through by car. To « secure » the forbidden zone, all the small road perpendicular to the main road are closed by gates. Several surveillance cameras have been installed.

The radioactivity in the Futaba city, at its most radioactive spot , according to my friends, former residents of Futaba City, with who I was (beside the plant site and outside the forest) :  
24.12 mSv / h (microsieverts / hour) on this photo, but in reality it even went up to 25. 25μSv / h. 
It is 219 millisieverts / year, 
or 219 times the dose considered acceptable for the civilian population
 (1 mSv / year, 1 millisievert / year).
I did not find any change in the ambient radioaction from my previous radiation measure in  November 2013, through the once inhabited area.  
This is the measure of air at about 1.10 meter above the ground.

In the area, the houses are getting more and more dilapidated from the time they were left 3 years and 4 months ago.

Partially collapsed houses in 2011 are now decaying gradually ...

Some people abandoned their bedding here in a few appartments hamlet, 
and they were right to do so : I measure 9.942 (Almost 10) Sv / h beside these mattresses and futons, 
nearly 100 times the dose considered normal for the civilian population.

In Naraha just beside the forbidden zone,
extending to no end, hundreds of thousands of radioactive debris bags (contaminated soil)
covered now by green tarpolins so that they could more blend into the landscape.

I did not go take measurements of radioaction in the forests: it is full of spiders, biting bugs and snakes.  It is also getting increasingly difficult to enter the forests, plus there are also wild boars and pigs  crossed with wild boars roaming around.
Be careful to not believe the Japanese government propaganda, most people know that they will never return, or that if they would return it would be to the detriment of their health. Especially for children and youth, it is a time bomb.

I want to specifically show that it is totally premature to make people believe that they could return.
Contamination continues and that even after decontamination. All the surrounding forests are heavily contaminated and are a constant source of recontamination. It is criminal to make people believe that they could return and live in such conditions, by exposing the population to a new "standard" of radioation multiplied by 20 and by just pretending that there is no risk.

The Japanese government, in agreement with the IAEA, want to make people believe that up to 20 millisieverts / year there is no danger to health. This is untrue.  
How can the Japanese government dares tell to the people that they have nothing to fear at 5, 10 or 15 km from a nuclear plant whose 3 reactors are gutted out, requiring constant watering for cooling, with fuel pools totally unstable, with a heavily damaged site at the mercy of any future coming catastrophic earthquake?

How can the Japanese Government tells to the people that everything will be fine when they are forced to scrape the soil again and again to remove contaminated soil that they do not even know where to put anymore ... Which they are burying in schoolyards and in parks, with groundwater already contaminated, with thousands of tanks containing highly radioactive water that no one knows what to do with? And so on ......

Our fighting against nuclear is far from being won, it is a struggle at all times against misinformation in the world."

Janick Magne, 
July 14, 2014

Translated by D'un Renard 

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