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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Information for Those with Johnny Tubes. Interview by myself and Nancy Hutchinson, on the making and deployment of "Johnny Ray Tubes"

If you can bring yourself to the understanding that everything is sentient, then you can comprehend the following parable:

There is a wolf in the deep woods. It takes what it needs to survive. Violently takes it. But the other creatures know to stay away, and to a certain point, the system is balanced.

Then man takes the wolf out of the forest and puts it into a cage. The cage has a treadmill on the bottom, and the wolf is required to run on the treadmill. The treadmill energy is converted to power that the man uses. But the wolf isn't running fast enough, so the man pokes the wolf with high frequency tasers. The tasers distort the molecule structure of the wolf and the wolf mutates. It runs faster.
More taser hits, and faster and faster the wolf mutates and and goes frantic inside the cage.

Then an earthquake hits and the door to the cage flies open. The mutated wolf escapes. Mutated with dozens of new sharp teeth and incredibly powerful legs, it flies out of the cage. Killing anything and everything it comes in contact with.

The wolf wants desperately to become whole.
To become stable.
To go home. To come to rest.
But it doesn't know the way home, can't even think as the molecules in its body continue to mutate and further destabilize its body.

The nuclear fuel is not our enemy. It is the wolf.
In the nuclear plants, the fuel is hit with high frequencies to distort the molecular structure and increase the energy from the fuel.

What is your response to a tired, crying baby?
You hold it and sing it a lullaby.
And for the wolf, you bring to it the harmonics that will give it the path necessary for it to come to rest.

This is what I see when looking at the videos from Fukushima. Especially when the fuel encounters water.
We can get into a whole discussion of water and how important water is in stabilizing the wolf..but at a later time.

When I look at the videos from Fukushima, especially videos like the one I posted here that shows the field effect---
I watch the patterns. Patterns that communicate the distortions in the wolf.
And I hope we have the correct harmonic response to the wolf. The data I have of all the testing here and offsite says that we do.
Getting those harmonics to the wolf, well that we haven't yet figured out. We can only wait for the wolf to come to us, then we give what we have to help it.

People accuse me of not being technical in my communications.
My response is that the physical realm operates by patterns of cymatics created by resultant "waves" of harmonics.
Everything is a repeated pattern. Learn the basics. Learn the patterns.
Learn how your own voice carries either healing or destructive harmonics.

This is an Extinction Level Event that we are within.
Or, it is point in time when humans reestablish their stewardship of Earth, and Restoration happens.

Find the patterns. Find yourself in those patterns.

Peace. Be well.

Nancy Hutchison
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