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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Briefcases Full Of Cash For Japan’s Pro Nuclear Politicians

A former Kansai Electric (KEPCO) executive came forward to admit the nuclear company had been giving huge amounts of secret cash to prime ministers and other government officials. 

Prime ministers had been receiving about 20 million yen a year for about 18 years while he was involved. The secret money was delivered as cash to the government officials.

This was funded ultimately by consumers who paid for the “donations” through higher utility bills.

Chubu Electric had a 250 million dollar slush fund to pay off politicians. The funds were ultimately paid by consumers through inflated billing for projects that were passed on in power bills.

The KEPCO executive admitted that the cash was handed out based on the politicians assistance to the nuclear industry. This may explain why so many politicians have supported nuclear power even in the face of public opposition.

These secret cash payments are bribes by the dictionary definition.
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