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Monday, 23 June 2014

To Debunk Fukushima Myths Yes, to Cover-up the Fukushima Dangers No!

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One website article was posted which at first sight looked inoffensive,and seeming to debunk the Facebook myths, some carried on falsehoods repeated by some websites and even some medias, some by just ignorance, some by people using sensationalism to build up their audience either to satisfy their attention craving or their commercial intentions.

But looking at that article closer, I found many shortcomings. Too many omissions, an overall minimalist spin. I will not judge the writer of that article nor his personal real intentions. I am only judging the minimizing style of it.

I am fully against the sensationalization of Fukushima by some people and I have always stood against it. But I am also about the minimizing of Fukushima, of Fukushima effects and dangers.

To find truth is to walking between, as walking on the thin line of a straight razor.

Standing against sensationalizing and against minimizing, to respect the present victims and to avoid future victims if possible, sharing informations always with a proper sense of responsibility.

This is not ego speaking but duty.

Here is their article andmy corrections below each of their eight items.



No, this is not a map of anything related to radiation from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster. It is a map of potential tsunami heights from NOAA.

 While this misconception has been integral to creating awareness broadly over the ongoing situation, it has also seeded a lot of misinformation.

My comment : This first item is ok, and we have always stood against the misuse of that erroneous map repeatedly by some websites and media maybe by ignorance but more probably for sensationalism to build up their audience.


A recent video of a man at Half Moon Bay whose geiger counter alerted of high radiation levels while standing on the beach went viral, and has created an echo chamber of misunderstanding.
His geiger counter was detecting radiation, although it was naturally occurring radiation from the thorium-rich granite within the sand, and not from Fukushima.
It’s equally perplexing that an official response from Dean Peterson, county environmental health director “noted that many innocuous items could spike the radiation levels in an area, including red-painted disposable eating utensils“. This seemingly sarcastic statement only furthered unrest over the issue, and took focus away from credible sources which have been reporting the phenomenon for the better part of a century.
Related: Safecast blog – Radiation on California Beaches

My comment :
Even if I do agree with the debunking of that video myth, I do not agree with their drawn conclusion. When they say « at this time radiation from Fukushima nuclear disaster has not reached California beaches » it is premature to say so and kind of misleading.
According to Kelp Watch 2014 is a scientific campaign, based on collaboration between Dr.Steven L. Manley (Department of Biological Sciences, California State University- Long Beach) and Dr.Kai Vetter (UC Berkeley and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) and to their Kelp First Sampling Period results so far not Cesium 134 has been found, those tests made in February and March 2014.
Kelp Watch intending to continue their testing with a Second Sampling Period (expected Summer/Fall 2014) and a Third Sampling Period (expected Fall/Winter 2014).
On the other hand John Smith, a research scientist at Canada’s Bedford Institute of Oceanography in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, told the AGU meeting that since 2011 he and colleagues had measured a radioactive plume from nuclear complex at ocean monitoring stations west of Vancouver, British Columbia. Fukushima’s radiation reached Canada before the US on the powerful Kuroshio Current. It’s predicted to flow south and then circle back to Hawaii.
Smith and his colleagues tracked rising levels of cesium-134 at several ocean monitoring stations west of Vancouver in the North Pacific beginning in 2011. By June 2013, the concentration reached 0.9 Becquerels per cubic meter, Smith said. All of the cesium-134 was concentrated in the upper 325 feet (100 m) of the ocean, he said. They are awaiting results from a February 2014 sampling trip.;_ylt=AwrBEiGAGA1TmCMAv6LQtDMD
But Ken Buesseler thinks even low levels of contamination merit monitoring
On Jan. 14, he launched a website called "How Radioactive is Our Ocean?", where the public can make tax-deductible donations to support the analysis of existing water samples, or propose and fund new sampling locations along the WestCoast.
Ken Buesseler says that tests for Cesium 134 are not sufficient as Cesium 134 has a 2,1 years short half-life and dissolves after 50 days, that tests for Strontium 90 are most necessary, Strontium 90 has a 28,7 years half-life and dissolves after 500 days.
Those experts agreeing on Fukushima Contamination to start arriving on the West Coast in May-June 2014 to reach a peak in 2016.


Based on test results from both California and Alaska, trace amounts of Fukushima radiation are in fact showing up in a few coastal fish, but certainly not all of them. Currently measured levels are at this point very, very low.
According to the Canadian Department of Fisheries and Oceans, the oceanic plume is just starting to hit Alaska, and will begin hitting the majority of the West Coast in March2014. The numbers they are predicting will also be very low.
While all governments have proven to be a rather untrustworthy source for information on Fukushima, there are independent groups doing their own Cesium 134/Cesium 137 only testing up and down the coast and posting test results, and they too are not showing important level of contamination.
Related: Vancouver Food Radiation Monitoring, Loki Fish, and Berkeley University’s RadWatch.
While fish closer to Japan are showing high levels of radiation, on our coastal fisheries as far as Cesium 134 it is not yet present in high amount.

My comment :
Same fallacy repeated over and over again. Some fishes have been tested and found contaminated, with low level of Cesium 134 and Cesium 137. But even low level of contamination can be fatal, any radionuclide ingested thru food is a Russian roulette bullet waitingto kill. Low contamination is still dangerous.
Unfortunately only tested for Cesium 134 and Cesium 137, they not tested for Strontium 90 nor other radionuclides.

Multiple reports by TEPCO around Christmas 2013 of steam rising from Reactor 3 have prompted interpretations from all corners of the internet.
Steam rising from Reactor 3 is nothing new. It happens regularly, and has been happening since day one of the incident.
What caused the steam over Fukushima reactor 3? There are a few reasons; The steam has a habit of forming after rainfall in the area, and some experts say the rain is making its way down to the reactor core, heating up, and evaporating.
Many people also believe the reactor core has breached both primary and secondary containment, and portions of it may still be fissioning which produces steam. Steam is not a good thing, but it is not a new thing, and there was no underground explosion.

My comment :
Yes to debunk the hoaxes about explosions and fires. But no to the minimizing of the constant radioactive gassing releasing non stop a heavy load of radionuclides into our atmosphere, bioaccumulating into our environmnent by some winds such as the Jet Stream, contaminating our biosphere and our food chain.


After inquiring with the NRC directly, this was their response:
Hello Mr. Mattingly,
The “radiation plume” map was an anonymously produced falsehood and not a creation of the NRC or any other government agency. The creators of the false map also used the logo of the Australian nuclear regulator. The “Pacific deadzone” map has also been debunked as a distortion of a tsunami height simulation. The third map in that collage is also a complete falsehood.
Please let me know if you have any additional questions.
Scott Burnell Public Affairs Officer U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
This doesn’t mean that North America was not hit with radiation; The Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization runs an International Monitoring System with 321 sensors worldwide.
Below is a map of what those sensors picked up. According to the sensor data, 1000 bequerels per square meter (1Kbq/m2) fell on the Western Seaboard of North America. If you would like to view the actual sensor data, accompanied with additional maps, you can do so here.

 My comment :
Various true modelling maps of the global atmospheric transport and deposition of radionuclides from the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear accident exist. Though helpful to visualize the possible plume distribution of radionuclides they will never fully replace the actuel measures thru sensors and analyzes at each location.
One more thing the CNTBTO,Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban TreatyOrganization , does not let people access to their measured data. Those data in fact should be all made accessible to public, not only accessible to the governments, they are not up to now some people petitioning for free access to those CNTBTO data. They only give us what they want to let us know.


I am sure many of you have seen all of the reports of mass die-offs all over the pacific, herring in British Columbia bleeding from their eyeballs, the sea stars melting away all along the entire coast, polar bears and sea lions have mysterious oozing sores and their fur is falling out, a two headed whale washing up on shore, the sardine population collapsing, and countless more.
The problem with this myth is that scientists have yet to give a solid explanation for any of these. Not a single one of them. Is it from Fukushima? We don’t know. We thought we would mention this one as it is noteworthy, and everyone wants to know.
Is the entire ocean floor now 98% covered in dead sea life like many articles are stating? No. This National Geographic article is where all of that originated is only talking about one localized area, and it is only sea salps they are talking about. Again, they do not know what is causing it, and the entire ocean floor is not covered with dead animals.
As much as we would love to give you a solid answer on this topic, the data to prove, or disprove it, simply isn’t available at this point, so there is no point in assuming.

My comment :
Though they are several species severely affected and dying in various locations, there might be actually several factors involved : acidification of the ocean, virus, Fukushima contamination. At this point it is therefore not conclusive and totally unfitting to amalgam all those happenings and to say that they are all caused only by Fukushima contamination.
But the possibility of Fukushima contamination aggravating this massive happening cannot be rejected as it seems that this many species life extinction accelerated after 311.

The answer to this is double-sided; Different types of radiation do different things to your body. Some mimic calcium, some mimic potassium, some mimic iodine, etc. Potassium iodide is a form of iodine. When you take it, it fills up your thyroid gland with non-radioactive iodine, thus not leaving any room for radioactive iodine to be taken in.

Potassium iodide therefore should only be taken in the event of a radiological disaster. It has the potential to cause adverse health effects, however the potential risks are far lower than allowing radioactive iodine into your thyroid.

If there is another major event at Fukushima, or elsewhere, you should have a conversation with a licensed medical professional on how much you should be taking, and for how long, depending on your geographical location, and proximity to the event.

My comment :
It will only protect your thyroid. Potassium Iodine only protects your thyroid gland from Iodine 131 a radionuclide released at the first stage of a nuclear disaster and it has a radioactive decay half-life of about eight days . And it should therefore be taken at the very early stage of the disaster or few hours prior to enter a contaminated zone. It does not protect your body from the many other radionuclides released during a nuclear disaster.
It would certainly important to point out that if Fukushima is not releasing Iodine 131 at this stage, it continues to release other types of radionuclides just as bad or even worst. And therefore useful to recommend to people to learn what mitigation protective measures exist,
vitamins, essential oils to strengthen your resistance, how to detox heavy metals from your body, what foods to avoid susceptible to bioaccumulate radionuclides etc.
To say « At the moment, Fukushima is not releasing large enough quantities into the atmosphere to warrant taking it » is adequate if you are talking about Iodine 131 only, but it is totally misleading, giving to people the idea that Fukushima is not releasing anything else in our atmosphere. It is releasing nonstop all types of radionuclides into our atmosphere and contaminating our food chain and people should always be reminded to take protective measures. This minimizing spin by omission is unacceptable !

If the ongoing situation at Fukushima became toxic enough to warrant an evacuation of the West Coast, there would really be no safe place to evacuate to.

The radiation could circle the globe in a matter of days, just as the original plume from Fukushima did, and eventually pollute the entire planet.

However for smaller incidents, it’s not a bad idea to avoid the initial dispersal zone if it’s an

My comment :
Yes to focus the ending of such article one vacuation and to silence the possible risks from the ongoing Fukushima contamination brought by air to land thru the Jet Stream and by sea thu the Pacific Ocean currents is but a final touch to the general minimalist orientation of this article.
Usually such minimizing style is the spin used by pro-nuclear shills.
I still reserve my judgment on this one, was itwritten in such manner due to ignorance or on purpose ?

We advise people, to read, dig deeper and verify any news article before to believe and share out an information, the gravity of the ongoing Fukushima disaster and its slow but sure contamination of our biosphere and of our food chain is bad enough, exaggerations,sensationalism are totally unneeded and uncalled for.
Articles which minimize the dangers of Fukushima are usually written by the Nuke lobby shills in the media and on websites.
We should stick to true facts and not extrapolate too far, we should all act with a proper sense of responsibility, face the real problem but do not feed into an internet Fukushima paranoia.
There is a nuclear catastrophe ongoing and in due time with the continuous gassing, spilling, dumping it bioaccumulates in our living environment, and as the saying says: what goes around comes around.
We advise people to learn to measure radiation, and to learn as well basic radiationprotective measures,
We advise you as a precautionary measureto not eat Pacific Ocean products, any tiny radionuclide present in any food is just a Russian roulette bullet waiting in due time to kill you.

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