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Monday, 9 June 2014

Thyroid Cancer on Increase in Japan

This article was just shared with us on Facebook:
"2014年06月08日 最新の報告書によると福島県の小児甲状腺がん及び疑いの子供達は、3か月前…前回の74人から15人増えて合計89人になりました。※1"
Rough translation: Children coming down with thyroid disease and suspected childhood thyroid cancer in Fukushima Prefecture, now total 89 people increased from 15 people 74 people three months ago the last time ... According to the most recent report. ※ 1
This is harder to translate but I think it is saying that the report uses the term "suspicion of malignant or malignant" tumors to cover these numbers, which makes it difficult to compare with Chernobyl Nuclear accident numbers which differentiated between thyroid abnormalities that were malignant from those that were benign.
The author is telling us that of 51 people who finished the surgery, a benign nodule was found in only one person only, 49 people were diagnosed papillary carcinoma, and there was one poorly differentiated cancer suspicion. This means that 98% of the "suspected of malignant or malignant" cases were childhood thyroid cancer. "It's safe to overestimate the word doubt So is dangerous."
"甲状腺がんと考えられる89人の福島県の子供達を市町村別に分類し、その市町村の子供達の何人に1人が発病したか?を色分けしたのが下記の地図となります。 地図の右側の真ん中にある×が福島第一原発です。 ■…1人~999人に1人が発病 ■…1000人~1999人に1人が発病 ■…2000人~2999人に1人が発病 ■…3000人~3999人に1人が発病 ■…4000人~5999人に1人が発病"
A Map and table show graphics of the incidences. Of those classified as municipal children within Fukushima Prefecture of 89 people believed to thyroid cancer, how many of the children in that city one or became ill? Was color-coded is the map below. × in the middle of the right side of the map is the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. ■ ... 1 person is sick in one to 999 people ■ ... 1 person onset to 1000 people to 1999 people ■ ... 1 person onset to 2,000 people - 2999 ■ ... 1 person onset to 3,000 people to 3999 people ■ ... 1 person onset to 4,000 people - 5999
The rest of the article can be read at: I have very little Japanese and Google can't translate the tables, but it appears to show that the rates of thyroid disease are rising all over Fukushima, but most sadly, among it's children.

Rest using Google Translate:

The previous emergency [Feature] childhood thyroid cancer proliferation? New facts of Fukushima Prefecture is a list of the following classified as municipal 15 people has increased this means that 74 people → 89 people for those who were supposed to look at a map of, and know the change of the color.
City name
December 31, 2013 →
March 31, 2014Inecreased number of people
4 people →Six+2-
Koriyama21 people →23 people+2-
Iwaki8 people →Fourteen+6 People
Sukagawa2 people →Three+1 People
Hirata Village0 people →One+1 People
Shimogo Village0 people →One+1 People
Ishikawa-cho0 people →One+1 People
Tanagura-machi0 people →One+1 People
But the biggest change of this announcement is the Aizu region . This is the map of last time, map of Aizu region on the left side is was the white stillpublished data was now it was for. This time, data of Aizu most has been released at once. It is progress yet, and can not be extremely wary for be it on after one year or more is not uncommon to publication of thyroid cancer on the left side of the map Aizu thyroid cancer was found in for nowShimogo-machi of 1 person only.
Fukushima pediatric thyroid cancer patient population of the municipality classification [2014] latest

Fukushima pediatric thyroid cancer patient population municipality classification of latest [31 March 2014]
It is not that pure white for that is pure white, Aizu region, was published this time because last time it was unpublished, but pediatric thyroid cancer patient is not found only one so far.
Was also on the list rather than the map the same article is the following. How many people Are there any one person of the child and suspected thyroid cancer? It's arranged in the order of percentage municipality that is sick is high.
«Suspected persons and Fukushima childhood thyroid cancer» 
※ March 31日2014年 point Fukushima Prefecture announced
City nameNumber of patientHow many people have one patient?
Kawauchi VillageOneOne in 280 people
Shimogo-machiOneOne in 683 people
Otama VillageTwoOne in 686 people
Hirata VillageOneOne in 773 people
Kawamata TownTwoOne in 1120 people
Izumizaki villageOneOne in 1163 people
Namie-machiTwoOne in 1624 people
Motomiya CityThreeOne in 1750 people
NihonmatsuFiveOne in 1762 people
ShirakawaSixOne in 1867 people
Okuma-machiOneOne in 1972 people
Ishikawa-choOneOne in 2016 people
TamuraThreeOne in 2134 people
Tanagura-machiOneOne in 2141 people
TomiokaOneOne in 2278 people
Koriyama23 peopleOne in 2389 people
Miharu-machiOneOne in 2531 people
IwakiFourteenOne in 3394 people
Saigo villageOneOne in 3662 people
SukagawaThreeOne in 3681 people
FukushimaTwelveOne in 3963 people
Date CityTwoOne in 5335 people
MinamisomaTwoOne in 5399 people
Total89 peopleOne in 3320 people
Kawauchi village one in 280 people , the big ball village one in 683 peoplenumber Entice doubt the eye and is lined, but the children of Fukushima Prefecture, on average one in every 3320 people is pediatric thyroid I can see clearly the fact that I doubt and do.
The thyroid cancer even though the number of patients not increased by the municipality of the last number, "How many people patients? Have one" of theemergency [Feature] childhood thyroid cancer proliferation? New facts of Fukushima I is changing from. For example, Kawauchi village this time last time also the number of patients one but is.
The last one in 275 people → this one in 280 people
Has become. This is because the test subject is the denominator is increased, and recalculation is.
How do we would say given the incidence of childhood thyroid cancer in children of Fukushima Prefecture of time?
Or not the material that can be compared to the findings of Fukushima this time? I was looking for Chernobyl nuclear accident at the time of Japan and Belarus I was able to find the article in the pediatric thyroid cancer number of patients. And '17 minutes also. You try to compare an easy-to-understand materials Fukushima Prefecture and its material.
Is often said in Japan many people per million people or become a pediatric thyroid cancer? The unification in the form of, further in years after the nuclear accident thyroid cancer or increase? But in the chronology per year and can be seen at a glance, and I tried to list along with the findings of Fukushima Prefecture this time.
The source, Japan National Cancer Research Center for Cancer Control and Information Center ※ 2, Belarus is a reference ※ 3 Yamashita Shunichi Fukushima Medical University Vice-Chancellor-created Nagasaki University ... This. Fukushima Prefecture is a Committee of the material ※ 1 Prefectural health management survey.
There are subtle differences in the definition of thyroid cancer material of one originally 3 because it is falling apart like this.
Number of surgeries in children thyroid cancer, the estimated number of affected was based on the actual measurement (c Rikansu, the number who have been diagnosed with cancer newly), Belarus is the number of children and suspected thyroid cancer Fukushima Japan.
Definition of the age of the children in this list is, from 0 to 19 years old in Japan. There are two columns only Belarus but left the 0-14 year-old , right is 15-18 years of age is. Fukushima Prefecture, is a person who was under 18 years of age generally at March 11, 2011 time.
Then material in Fukushima Prefecture has been published in the year the unit, rather than on an annual basis, it is 0 years from 23 in fiscal → nuclear accident year, one year from 24 in fiscal → nuclear accident Heisei, Heisei so is the length of one year as the period It's fitted to two years from FY2013 → nuclear accident.
In the case of Fukushima Prefecture, inspected municipality is determined by the year further, for example two children thyroid cancer has increased since the beginning of 2014 Koriyama City, 24 year inspection target area Heisei, this two people , respectively, are classified in one year from the nuclear accident that is fiscal year 2012.
Please see the paper and materials for each other differences.
«Comparison of Fukushima and Chernobyl nuclear accident» How many pediatric thyroid cancer patients are in one million people?
Chernobyl nuclear accidentFukushima 
From nuclear accidentJapanBelarusFukushima 
0-14 years15-18 years
0 years0 people0 peopleThree333 people
1 year0 peopleOneEight383 people
2 yearsOneThreeThree186 people
Three yearsOneTwoTwo
4 yearsTwoTwelveSix
Five yearsTwo23 peopleFourteen
6 yearsThree29 peopleTen
7 yearsTwo34 people29 people
8 yearsTwo35 people32 people
9 yearsOneForty38 people
DecadeOne38 peopleThirty
11 yearsOne31 people42 people
'12Two26 people56 people
'13Two25 people66 people
'14Two17 people95 people
'15TwoSeven113 people
'16Two0 people97 people
Even after the Chernobyl nuclear accident, pediatric thyroid cancer patient population in Japan three people 0 to 100 million people in are stable with. Nuclear accident after the 0-14 year-old Belarus for this four years later one million people in 12 people nuclear power plant after the accident, 15-18-year-old five years later one million people in 14 people next door, an explosive rise as it is I continue to.
By comparison with Belarus and Japan this Chernobyl at the time of the accident, this time of pediatric thyroid cancer patient population of Fukushima Prefecture or abnormal how the number ... It was clear . In 2011 there was the Fukushima nuclear accident one million people in 333 people , after one year one million people in 383 people , two years after one million people in186 people and it is with.
Story is a little derailed, 0-14 year-old Belarus 15 years after the accident seven million people in making it, 0 people in '16. Childhood thyroid cancer whether decreased? It is different Speaking. Fifteen years after the accident, children of all not only been moved to the 15-18 year-old statistics of neighboring age 0 -14 years of age at the time of the accident. 15 years after the accident, 15-18-year-old fact that 1 million people in 113 people I'm out the best record of.
I will return the story. I was able to understand in the list above that pediatric thyroid cancer patient population of Fukushima Prefecture, an abnormally high amount than even Belarus. However, I think the possibility to have a genetic constitution and prone to childhood thyroid cancer was a disease that residents not become national disease children in Fukushima prefecture originally?
The answer, unfortunately different. The documentation of the National Cancer Research Center for Cancer Control and Information Center ※ 4, there is a thyroid cancer incidence in Fukushima Prefecture in 2008. Morbidity and (Rikanritsu), one representing the frequency many people if it were diagnosed with ... new cancer in 100,000 people, the population by age ※ 5 of Fukushima Prefecture that was used in the calculation of this morbidity was to restore the actual number of patients with back-calculated using is listed in table below.
«Thyroid cancer incidence in the number of Fukushima Prefecture in 2008» 
The number of people diagnosed with cancer newly ※ morbidity count of (U Rikansu)
0-4 years0 people0 people
5-9 years0 people0 people
10-14 years0 people0 people
15-19 years0 people0 people
20-24 Years0 people0 people
25-29 YearsOneThree
30-34 YearsTwoThree
35-39 yearsTwoNine
40-44 YearsOneFive
45-49 YearsOneSix
50-54 YearsOneEight
55-59 yearsThreeFifteen
60-64 yearsSixFive
65-69 yearsThreeThirteen
70-74 yearsFourEleven
75-79 yearsThreeNine
80-84 yearsOneFive
85 years old -ThreeOne
Total all ages31 people93 people
Men and women total124 people
In Fukushima Prefecture, in 2008, children became childhood thyroid cancer from 0 years to 19 years of age for both men and women 0 person I was. Moreover, men and women aged 20 to 24 years old up to 0 people are.
In other words, do not have the gene constitution and the children of Fukushima prefecture is likely to be originally, in childhood thyroid cancer.
2008 The childhood thyroid cancer was 0 people in Fukushima Prefecture. In 2008the number of people became a pediatric thyroid cancer in children aged 0 to 19 years of all of Japan is, men and women total 72 people have been estimated. ※ 2
2012 pediatric thyroid cancer patients that are found in the Fukushima Prefecture is, as the following list male 21 people girls total of 33 people 54 people is.
«Suspected cases and the number of Fukushima children thyroid cancer»
Christian EraManWoman
201221 people33 people
Total32 people58 people
Men and women total90 people ※ 6
It can not be compared simply because there is a gap of four years from 2008, but nationwide the number of patients if the same year if 75% it means that it is occupied by only province one was' s Fukushima Prefecture.
In the list of the previous one it from Fukushima Prefecture in 2008 of male thyroid cancer patients the number of total of all ages in 31 people once again, please check the table the fact that there are only. Thyroid cancer in men of this Fukushima, even if the sum of all ages 31 people that not only is, considering the rapid increase of childhood thyroid cancer patient population of Fukushima prefecture of Fukushima nuclear power plant after the accident to verify immediately below now This is because an important point to be.
■ objections to Shunichi Yamashita, Fukushima Medical University Vice-Chancellor
Shunichi Yamashita, Fukushima Prefectural Medical that "Now that we have carried out a screening test for children who all of Fukushima Prefecture, it was discovered early the patient to be thyroid cancer in the future. (Childhood thyroid cancer is not increased so)" and Let's consider the claim of the University Vice-Chancellor.
According to the list just above Fukushima Prefecture in 2012 of male childhood thyroid cancer is 21 people so, list ... the previous one in 2008 in Fukushima Prefecture if Atehamere men the number of patients of all age of 25 years old 74 years old - I you that you are found at once in this survey the people of developing thyroid cancer before. If you, the incubation period of thyroid cancer in these '74 seven years - up to a minimum would be called - would be that it has succeeded in '70 than 60 years to find now a thyroid cancers earlier . It is no longer God.
Of pediatric thyroid cancer patients this time then I think ... and Abnormal The male-to-female ratio is. The male-to-female ratio of thyroid cancer 30 years most recently looking at the material ※ 2 of the National Cancer Research Center for Cancer Control and Information Center male patients of the entire 28% 13% - has remained at.That is more of a female patient is'm overwhelmingly. In male-to-female ratio in all ages of Fukushima Prefecture of 2008 male patients 25% only to. However, the proportion of men and women this is lost big, thyroid cancer patients the number of children in Fukushima Prefecture this time a total of three years male patients 36% has become.
«Male-to-female ratio of doubt and Fukushima Prefecture childhood thyroid cancer»
In 2012 the number of male patients is 39% has become even. And 2011 is 33% ,in 2013 also 29 percent higher and somewhat, three years total When calculated in 36% it becomes.
You should not ever female ratio is broken so as long as it claims to have be found as soon as possible the patient to be thyroid cancer nowbetter to think over this time, there was a significant change in the male-to-female ratio in thyroid cancer patients in Fukushima, thyroid cancer patients the number of boys has increased by radioactivity at the Fukushima nuclear accident derived Would not it be natural.
■ objections to Suzuki Shinichi Fukushima Medical University Professor
The article considers the claim of Suzuki Shinichi Fukushima Medical University Professor "thyroid cancer has increased in four or five years in the shortest Chernobyl (nuclear accident) (cause-and-effect relationship of exposure and thyroid cancer have been found So now is not)" and 'll try.
Thyroid cancer has increased in four or five years in the shortest Chernobyl (nuclear accident)
To this claim, 4, 5 years or an increase in thyroid cancer in Chernobyl nuclear accident.It should be required that the thyroid cancer was not increased in one year to three years speaking the reverse has been confirmed by inspection and examination.
From nuclear accident simply because I claim thyroid cancer has increased Once the four or five years after thyroid cancer but did not increase in the number of one to three years four or five years minimum of scientific sense of the period of legitimacy because it is not proven.
But Mykola Toronko director that has served as director of Ukraine Endocrinology and Metabolism Research Center from the Chernobyl nuclear power plant at the time of the accident news program was broadcast on March 11, 2014 in the "news station" Talk like this.
"We received a donation of echo diagnostic equipment, such as from the American millionaire Become a 1990 or. 1989 there was no echo diagnostic equipment of high performance (Ukraine now) at the time the Soviet Union"
Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident happened It is April 26, 1986.
In other words echo diagnostic equipment of high performance have been introduced for the first time standing or four years after the Chernobyl nuclear accident three years. That is that earlier, during one year to three years or 1-2 years after the Chernobyl nuclear accident, that examination has been carried out in situations where there is no echo of high performance diagnostic equipment Ukraine. Then, after the echo diagnostic sophisticated devices have been introduced, an increase in thyroid cancer has been confirmed.
Therefore, as say even 60 minutes 1 hour "thyroid cancer has increased in 4,5 years or Chernobyl in (nuclear accident)" and increase the height ..., irrational in the first place claim you conclude like tell the truth like the "Chernobyl You should talk about the fact that the only "confirmed the increase in thyroid cancer in four or five years in the shortest (nuclear accident).
You should add a "not sure reality of thyroid cancer increase of between one year to three years or 1-2 years Chernobyl nuclear accident after the echo diagnostic equipment of high performance has not been introduced" further.
So I can not absolutely, such as denying a causal relationship with with a precedent of the Chernobyl nuclear accident, thyroid cancer found in 1-3 years at the Fukushima nuclear power plant after the accident.
Claims Suzuki Shinichi Fukushima Medical University Professor "thyroid cancer has increased in four or five years in the shortest Chernobyl (nuclear accident) (cause-and-effect relationship of exposure and thyroid cancer have been found So now is not)" and followed by Let's take a look at the material ※ 7 of Belarus Gomel Yamashita Toshikazu Fukushima Medical University Vice-Chancellor to justify created.
Age of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident, ↓ downward a few years from the Chernobyl accident → right direction, pediatric thyroid cancer patient population of Belarus Gomel This document? It is a table in were classified. The excerpt only six years for clarity, 10 years of age or older all  in yellow, is 0-3 years of onset peak before 9 years old and younger are  green, four years to five years of the onset peak after  in red dyed, we have color-coded in three colors.
Childhood thyroid cancer registry number of Belarus / Gomel 
years of age from ■ nuclear accident at the time of the accident → ↓
0 years1 year2 yearsThree 
4 yearsFive
0 yearsTwoTwo
1 year oldOneTwoThree
2 yearsTen
3 yearsOneSix
4 yearsFourOne
Six years oldTwoThree
Thirteen years oldOneOneOne
Sixteen years oldOneOne
First  Notice the number of patients of four years from 0 years to three years from the nuclear accident of children It was 9 years old in part ... nuclear accident at the time of the green. Total number of patients in every one-year-old one +8 +7 +5 year-old one-year-old one-year-old four sounds.
Now  I was 10 years of age or older all, part of the part ... yellow yellow Mima by counting the number of patients four years from 0 years to 3 years from the nuclear accident in the same way as earlier also part of this yellow quotient. Then the total ofnine is. ※ in the wrong  is in contact with the part of the red  It is important to note four years from the partial nuclear accident ... yellow, so do not count than five years.
If you look at the number of patients of four years from 0 years to 3 years from the nuclear accident, the children had a 9-year-old following the nuclear accident at the time four people , children were older than 10 years nine is.
This means that the number of patients of four years from 0 years to three years from the nuclear accident is a lot of thyroid cancer towards the children and was 10 years of age or older at the time of the accident but rather primary.
But from the nuclear accident four years Tatsuto onset of children was 9 years old at the time of the accident is primary surge will. Of the list  It is a part of the red. Just one year only, it will leave without a total number of four years up to now over the age of 10.
Thyroid cancer patient population ... the children were 10 years of age or older nuclear power plant at the time of the accident to it  part of yellow, has been increased from one year after the nuclear accident, but remained without having to surge four years later, this time I did not put only six years on the list of, but you look at the total of ... 13 years, you can see that one is constant with the disease each year in age. And in all ages of 0-17 years old Chernobyl nuclear accident before, I did or absence one pediatric thyroid cancer course childhood thyroid cancer a year later clearly even in children was 10 years of age or older nuclear power plant at the time of the accident I've been increasing.
This yellow at the insistence of Suzuki Shinichi Fukushima Medical University professor of health research in Fukushima Prefecture  part of many times "thyroid cancer increased four or five years later at the earliest" and to fully ignore the statistics over the age of 10 I have repeated as Nembutsu . This means that materials Shunichi Yamashita Fukushima Medical University Vice-Chancellor is the boss has created ironically is I have proved, that the claim of Professor Shinichi Suzuki is fundamentally wrong.
Then, because there is no data only three years pediatric thyroid cancer patient population of Fukushima Prefecture of current, Belarus Gomel province this also in order to compare three years to pick up only, classified by age of the primary at the time of the accident I tried to.
Of three years from the nuclear accident 
age distribution table of pediatric thyroid cancer patients
Chernobyl nuclear accidentFukushima nuclear accident
Age of the primary at the time of the accidentBelarus - GomelJapan - Fukushima
0 years
1 year old
2 years
3 years
4 years
Six years oldOne
Thirteen years oldOneEleven
Sixteen years oldOne17 people
SeventeenOne17 people
Eighteen years oldUnknownEleven
Above three years Belarus Gomel province also Fukushima Prefecture, distribution of pediatric thyroid cancer patient number 9 years old at the time of the accident when you can compare the left and right of the list of  10 years of age or older at the time of the accident than the portion of green  You'll notice the well's focused on the yellow part.
In four or five years after the Fukushima nuclear accident My guess this time is whether was right  so you know for certain period of red ... that is, if familiar in 2016, in 2017. , Then the Shinichi Suzuki professors and Shunichi Yamashita, Vice President of Fukushima Medical University if it does not hide the survey results, it is is.
▼ (^ O ^) this related article also has been noted
«childhood thyroid cancer series and Fukushima nuclear accident» 
 thorough analysis of [latest] Fukushima Prefecture pediatric thyroid cancer patient numbers ★ Ya~kesaki Katsu-ba Professor entirely deny the screening effect ★ 2008年pediatric thyroid cancer patient population of Fukushima Prefecture 0 Members!

※ 1 
※ 2 
※ 3 Http://Www-sdc. 
※ 3 20Forum%%% 20Article 20Cardis % 20et% 20al-1.pdf ※ broken links 
※ 4 
※ 5 Http://Ncrp.Ncc.Go.Jp/file/pop/07_all_1950-2010. csv 
Now it is 89 people so ※ 6 1 person benign nodules, but it was using the old material for detailed new material private 
※ 7 . htm
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