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Monday, 30 June 2014

The FukushimaResponse Mitigation Mantra

Radiation is not detectable by sight.

It is important for people to be empowered to take the steps needed to care for their families regarding health risks due to exposure to radiation from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster.
There are 3 steps that people can take and build upon, to make informed decisions and mitigate eventual impacts.

The first step involves reading about the different kinds radiation, how it is distributed, and its impact on our bodies and environment. We need to be aware of the current levels of radioactive contamination from Fukushima and other sources, as well as the signs of radiation related illnesses. We need to learn about the instruments that measure radiation, how to use them and interpret their data.

By learning how to monitor levels of radioactivity at home, on the highway, in our city, county and region, we gain direct knowledge of our world and the invisible dangers in it. Networking with others who are monitoring radiation levels increases the accuracy of our knowledge by multiplying the data points that can be factored into a regional understanding of levels over time.

By measuring the fluctuating levels of radioactivity in our air, water and food, we can know what to avoid. For example, we can avoid the intake radionuclides by not using milk products, by not eating fish, or by knowing when to stay inside should levels indicate. Mitigation is knowing what to avoid and using that information to protect our families and loved ones.

With these 3 steps, we gain practical knowledge that empowers us to look this ʻinvisible dragonʼ squarely in the eye, to face the reality of growing levels of radiation in our lives.

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