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Sunday, 22 June 2014

Please be Advised that the New Activist Group is now Finished and Secured.

The reasoning behind my building this site is :

"Less monitoring by Big Corp, larger WWW audience, less censorship", common like-minded membership, and the Storage and Archiving of the Chronology of Fukushima" 

For those not active in other Groups: please use the Contact form on the right hand column on this page to show interest in Joining, and state your intentions. Spam will be, and is ignored.

Please note: Site has moved:

Note:  Rebuild is currently invite only. 

Please send request VIA PM at our Community sites in FB to my personal IM/PM

Please bookmark:

The site is being emptied due to 20 000 + requests from Internet Sales people during BETA testing.

Admins are and have been installed to validate sincere membership requests.

The site has everything and more than you remember or use from a Facebook Intuitive Interface.

Please use your normal Nick and Credentials to make it easier to validate :)

(not including password or any personal information.. this site will be spam free and no personal details are required)

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