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Thursday, 12 June 2014

Fukushima children thyroid cancer cases spreading to their lymph nodes and lungs


Fukushima children thyroid cancer cases now diagnosed with cancer cells in their lymph nodes and lungs

Child preparing for a WBC scan
Child preparing for a WBC scan

As predicted and following the ongoing counts of Thyroid cancers in the children of Fukushima, reported herehere, and here , the numbers are climbing high enough that doctors and researchers across the country are starting to question current data provided by the Fukushima Medical University.
370,000 children under 18 at the time of the nuclear accident are subject to thyroid examination and so far, 50 have been confirmed to have cancer and 39 are suspected.
90 cases in total – When you hear “90 cases or suspected cancers”, don’t bother.  98% of the “suspected” cases turned out to be CONFIRMED last time around. So, not be insensitive, it is 90 cases confirmed … Let’s not pretty color this fact.
51 had surgeries as of March 31, 2014
Total number of children whose initial examination results are confirmed: 287,056
Assessment A1  = 148,182 (51.6%) (no nodules or cysts found)
Assessment A2  = 136,804 (47.7%) (nodules 5.0 mm or smaller or cysts 20.0 mm or smaller)
Assessment B     = 2,069 (0.7%) (nodules 5.1 mm or larger or cysts 20.1 mm or larger)
Assessment C     = 1 (0.0%) (requiring immediate secondary examination)

Map of the location of all confirmed thyroid cases
Map of the location of all confirmed thyroid cases

東京電力福島第一原子力発電所による健康影響を調べている福島県民健康調査の検討委員会で10日、甲状腺がんに関する専門部会が開催され、スクリーニング 検査によって、多数の子どもが甲状腺手術を受けていることについて、前回に引き続き過剰診療につながっているかどうかで激論となった。議論の過程で、手術 している子どもに、リンパ節転移をはじめとして深刻なケースが多数あることが明らかになった。
These numbers will increase. Yes it will. But while the Fukushima Medical University are still playing with the children as science projects instead of evacuating them, the children who have had removal operation already performed have now cancer cells spreading in their lymph nodes and lungs. After the sociopaths like Suzuki and Yamashita minimized the surgeries of these innocent children as being “simple” procedures, it turns out that their “optimism” got the best of them.
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