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Thursday, 26 June 2014


On June 25, 2014 the Antinuclear Collective CAN84 after several letters sent to the Mayor as well as to the leaders of political groups which remained unanswered, decided to call loudly the attention of those supposed to be people's representatives, delivering them a huge 6 meters long coffin covered with nuclear symbols, accompanied with drum rolls and warning sirens, banners condemning the complicity attitude of the elected officials, they welcomed the City Council for their last meeting before their July vacation. 
The passivity of some, the prevarication of others sitting at the CityHall Council, have been somewhat shaken, disturbed by this loud very visible delivery,
They better get used to it unless they renounce to their complicity in the nuclear crimes.

The CAN 84 activists will never be where the accomplices of the nuclear lobby would like to stay. Not in the commission of integration and co-management of nuclear crimes, nor in political parties nor following orders from anyone. Their only reason for being and for those various types of action that they develop themselves: the immediate cessation of nuclear power, not in ten years, not in twenty years, NOW!

The CAN 84 ctivists came to repeat to those who coveted the votes of voters, who once elected have a tendency to believe that they can hold power without control and especially keeping people at a distance. The antinuclear activists had reminded those officials of this by a first mail sent to them on the eve of municipal elections, then by a second mail sent to those officials right after they had been elected, then by again a third mail recently. 


For recall, Avignon city in Vaucluse is at the heart of the area most nuclearized Europe, in less than 12 minutes the radioactivity vomit spewed from nuclear facilities such as Tricastin will spread all over Avignon city. 

A huge radioactive red Nuclear symbol was quickly painted on the Place de l'Horloge facing the Avignon City Hall. Impossible and for elected officials who were arriving to the CityHall to hold their Council assembly to ignore their responsibility. The 6 meters long black coffin to remind them of the health crime perpetrated by fanatics of the atomic destruction.

While banners were being deployed and the sirens started screaming, the elected representatives, delegates of the people votes, rushed into the building thinking to flee what they did not want to see nor to hear. Tough luck! Inside the CityHall two antinuclear activists were distributing leaflets within the gilded large CityHall Chamber, challenging those heads of commissions to be more than Establishment Yes-men. The goal of the intervention: the elected officials to be finally hit with consciousness, to adopt a pledge or a motion for deciding the shut down nuclear facilities. 

The City Mayor, mad with rage, trying to prevent their expression, called the municipal police to come to help.
Cities change but old practices remain the same. Still that hatred of the people and of their direct intervention in matters concerning them.

Outside, many passersby, some f them foreigners, English, German, Japanese, Spanish, as Avignon with its fortified old Pope's Palace is an important tourist destination, were encouraging and showing their support for the protesters. Discussions and exchanges increasing, the medias rushed in. Megaphone amplifies a terrible slogan: "Fukushima was also very safe."

A little further an anti-nuclear activist mentiones the names of dozens of people in his village who died of cancers, Difficult here, to pretend to ignore the ravages of nuclear power. People are sick, many children with thyroid cancer, many dead victims of the radioactive pollution.

It is high time for, the CityHalls and their elected representatives in France, like more than 250 municipalities in Quebec Canada, would free themselves from the nuclear ideological oppression of the employers, straighten the head and finally declare their refusal to continue one minute more to be accomplices of those nuclear crimes.
Not doing this is both collaboration to genocide and complicity to murder.

The newspapers news title says it all:


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