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Monday, 30 June 2014

Actual Emails About Fukushima to a Publicist's Author


Thanks for the quick reply.

I have NEVER thought myself as an anti-nuclear or anything of the sort. More of a Pro responsible development type of person. I have been completely neutral about nuclear anything, until the events of Fukushima caused me to start researching what is truly going on.

I live here in Alaska, and eat locally caught seafood, put this same food in my pantry, and on my kitchen table for my family and friends to eat. These same salmon were caught in the Pacific Ocean.
I wrote a lengthy email to Alaskan Lawmakers, Government officials and the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, addressing the concerns I have for Alaska's Seafood Industry and not one reply.
When I talked to Alaska Department of Fish in Game in person, they assured me that Alaska's Salmon do not migrate to Japan, however, on their own website it states that they do indeed migrate to Japan. They point to the EPA, who's job it is to monitor the environment for radiation, but in the last 3+ years, we have not seen any real efforts for ongoing monitoring or testing from the EPA, other than a canned, "its fine". Like I am encouraged by any report from the EPA - NOT! (this is the same agency, whom after 9/11, released a report to the Government that said the air in NYC was the same consistency as breathing vaporized liquid drano, then said it was safe to breathe, after the pressure from the Federal Government told them to change the report… look it up).

As to my specific concerns, It is about nuclear in general, in that IT IS NOT SAFE! I will be more specific in a moment.
My first thought was to keep this brief but, as I started typing, I realized that it would do IN-JUSTICE to leave anything out. But trust me, I have skipped a whole lot! These are just a few highlights of the severity of this situation. - In summary, these are just a few of my findings, which describe some of the concerns myself, and others have. Keep in mind, that I have been researching this for the last 3+ years, ever since the Earthquake and Tsunami that devastated Japan on 3/11/2011. So I will endeavor to keep it brief, but fear leaving something out which would be pertinent.

My initial concern started right after the Fukushima Daiichi disaster, All of the debris, from the ensuing tsunami AND nuclear explosion (a debris field the size of Texas, floating in the Pacific, which will impact the entire Pacific Ocean), that flooded into the ocean, into the atmosphere. Then the subsequent radiation plume, from the exploded Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Reactors, that carried crossed the Pacific and was dumped all across the United States (and continues to do so) has me deeply concerned. TEPCO has been dumping radioactive waste into the Pacific Ocean, The NRC allows it to happen, and hardly a peep from Main Stream Media.

The NRC is NOT doing their job to protect "the people". This is first and foremost.
Nuclear waste WILL NEVER GO AWAY! It will continue to pollute the planet and the NRC's purpose is to keep the nuclear agenda moving forward at all costs. The only oversight we have, is by those entities who are sworn to protecting the industry and NOT protect the health of the people.

Let me break down this into several pieces. It is not just about Fukushima here….

Take WIPP, for example... It is a pilot project and they are using green-kitty litter to cover the stored fuel, which was the cause of their fire earlier this year.

There was a plutonium release into the air. This was not widely reported, but it did happen.
This was a pilot project which was designed not to fail for a thousand years, yet it already has….. (BTW.. what is the 1/2 life of Plutonium)? 

Chris Harris and Dr. Bill Deagle
Chris Harris, is a former licensed Senior Reactor Operator and engineer.
Hanford has it's own problems.
"All the double-shell tanks contain waste that continuously generates some flammable gas," the board said in a letter received by Wyden on Monday. "This gas, will eventually reach flammable conditions if adequate ventilation is not provided".
Adequate ventilation????


THE NRC is turning their backs on these people.
IF the NRC is the oversight for this process, then they are not very competent in their keeping the public "safe".

Hanford is located below a dam, which has structural defects too

Now we have Calhoun Nuclear power plant, in the news, which is being shut down due to flooding risk (again).

Their generators are located BELOW HIGH FLOOD LEVEL!
Who allowed this to be built in a flood zone anyways?

Did you catch the report about the FLOOD and FIRE back in 2011?


I have not yet gotten to FUKUSHIMA DAIICHI yet.

Take a listen to this report, from Mary Beth Brangan, who reports on the NRC's response during a community meeting on Diablo Canyon, where the question about normal 'batch release' of radiation into the atmosphere.

Make sure you take a minute to review the links below the YouTube videos.


Evidently this is nothing new!

Our own military has recycles it...
We are already spreading our enriched uranium along with our spent fuel by using these in ammunition overseas in places like IRAQ…


Who is reporting on this?

Democracy Now: on
Depleted Uranium Munitions

Gordon Duff, the Senior Editor of Veterans Today has uncovered much more about Nuclear Weapons, Fuel and


There are way too many links to provide, but plenty are out there….

There are a number of "sources" which hold some level of credibility…
Because of all the DIS-Information, and MIS-information from TEPCO, the NRC, The US Government, Government of Japan (who I might add, put a gag order on ALL nuclear news, with threats of jail time, unless it is ok'd by them as being 'not against national security) It is difficult to weed through the information and come to a logical conclusion!
Do not take my word, Nor anyone else's…. Please, make up your own mind.
I can only point out what I see…….



Were you aware that Reactor #3 at Fukushima Daiichi was a MOX fuel reactor?

Sailor: "After we left Japan, it felt as if the ocean itself was dead" — Nothing alive for over 3,000 miles — No longer saw turtles, dolphins, sharks, birds — Saw one whale, it appeared helpless with big tumor on head.
RT News

And more…...
A Green Road - Coverup of Radiation Exposure of US Servicemen Near Fukushima and Operation Tomodachi

Nuclear Hotseat: on First death of a USS Ronald Reagan sailor hit by radiation from Fukushima Daiichi while on the humanitarian aid Operation Tomodachi. Information just released today by the legal team representing the USS Reagan sailors in their billion-dollar lawsuit against TEPCO

Jeff Rense with Dr. Bill Deagle.

Nuclear Industry Profit Before Safety w/Arnie Gundersen

Fukushima decontamination volunteer "Blood suddenly splashes out of skin quite often. This is the reality."

Day #1,202 and things are not getting any better.

How about some more latest reports….
Some 39 months after the multiple explosions at Fukushima, thyroid cancer rates among nearby children have skyrocketed to more than forty times (40x) normal.
More than 48 percent of some 375,000 young people—nearly 200,000 kids—tested by the Fukushima Medical University near the smoldering reactors now suffer from pre-cancerous thyroid abnormalities, primarily nodules and cysts. The rate is accelerating.
More than 120 childhood cancers have been indicated where just three would be expected, says Joseph Mangano, executive director of the Radiation and Public Health Project.
The nuclear industry and its apologists continue to deny this public health tragedy. Some have actually asserted that “not one person” has been affected by Fukushima’s massive radiation releases, which for some isotopes exceed Hiroshima by a factor of nearly 30.

Below, are just a few people, with information and documentation, who have gone to great lengths to report on these events, and raise the awareness of others.

and many others…

There are mass die-off's, anomalies, and other odd events and everyone downplays the connection to nuclear waste.
Starfish turning to mush, Sardines and other feeder fish almost non-existent, Pelican population almost at zero, Whales with tumors, Rare Whales moving closer to the West Coast, Squid catches at an all time low. Oyster population decimated, Pink Salmon diseased, 100% of the Pacific Tuna tested last year tested positive for Cesium 137, along with other so called non-related events happening around the Pacific Ocean. Forests and trees are being affected, deformed blooms, sprouting from the trunks, leaf color wrong for this time of year. I could go on and on (look them up).

Now there is talk that radioactive material might make it's way to consumers?
The Government of Japan states that they are giving government grants to companies who are interested in extracting rare metals from the radioactive waste, to recycle it. This is an indication that they will extract the rare metals. They will have to dispose of the rest of the metals which all are still contaminated… These WILL be recycled, as well. These new recycled products WILL end up in the hands of unknowing consumers. How would you know? How would I know? Or anybody??
This is absolutely insane!

They… (TEPCO, JAPAN, THEM, WE, US, ANYBODY, NOBODY) has a way of ever cleaning up this mess, EVER. The technology needed to clean up this mess HAS NOT BEEN INVENTED YET!
The NRC is trying their best to keep a lid on reporting the truth. TEPCO has given false information, only later to be called on it. And their response is, "so sorry".

I am deeply concerned that we would even allow such an atrocity to happen.
Put depleted or enriched uranium in ammunition and shoot it all over the world.
Nuclear waste cannot be stored safely. It IS contaminating our food supply. It is contaminating the planet.

Recycled radioactive waste IS coming and we don't have a choice!
Do you think that the USS Ronald Reagan is completely scrubbed down? that was in Bremerton Washington, where did they dispose of this waste? Need I say more? 
Oh, one more thing, As I started this email the other day, here in Chugiak Alaska, it began to rain. I put my own Geiger counter out to take a reading, (a Mazur PRM 9000 Geiger counter). For the last 8 months, I have had an average reading of between 21-24 CPM. Well, the other day, It was spiking at 55 CPM, and averaged 44 CPM over a 10 minute period of time (THIS IS NOT NORMAL). The radiation, floating around in the atmosphere, from every nuclear detonation we have ever had, finds its way back down at sometime.
Do you fly? What is the exposure to radiation while flying? Most of this is man-made radiation. It is NOT normal!

My sincere hope is to spread the word, raise awareness, create some sense of urgency, talk to my children, as it is THEIR generation, and THEIR children who get to clean up our mess, long after we are gone.

I know there is so much more I have left out, but feel it is all-imperative to share.
I have cc'd both Mimi German, from, and Clint (Citizen Perth) on this email.
Feel free to reach out to them, as I have their permission to cc them on this as well.

So, specifically, I am wondering if YOU, are the journalist, who is willing to put YOUR credibility on the line, and blow the lid off of this atrocity?
Maybe you are another CHAMPION, who can help locate someone who can invent the technology to clean up this mess. - (I say shrugging my shoulders) if not you, then WHO? 
Take your pick, where  YOU would like to start.

Sincere Regards,


On Jun 23, 2014, at 7:01 AM, Wolf, Isaac wrote:

Hi John,
Thanks so much for tracking me down. I haven’t covered this issue recently, but if there’s a new development I’m certainly interested.
Can you tell me a little bit more about your specific concerns? Is there a new event or proposal driving them?
Also, the link you sent seems to reference a proposal by the Japanese government – I could be wrong though. Is this plan to potentially spur research into recycling radioactive metal tied to the NRC?
Thanks again and I look forward to reading more about your concerns.
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