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Thursday, 24 April 2014

Re: Good news Obama eating the fish in Japan! *Cough


One more Time: you can see the actual Contamination of Food/ Seafood
from Japan on this Website, which is a NGO/ NPO supported by French and German Anti-Nuclear Activists.

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Stop to believe in Bs served by People who cant even explain you the basics of Food Contamination!

Sushi is made by a Slice of Fish, ca. 8-10 gram,
Sushi is always mixed Fish from different Regions (!!!)
to accumulate even 0.1microSievert in your Body you need at least
8.000-10.000 Pieces of Sushi which must be above of the max. allowed Level of 100 Bq for Japanese Products.

To eat Meat because you want to avoid Radiation from Fish is plain Stupid!

Try to avoid Radioactivity but still smoking is laughable,
when you smoke a Pack of Cigarettes a Day you accumulate ca. 50-100 "Milli-Sievert" directly in to your Lungs and Blood!

Which is ca. 100 Times as much of Radiation like here in Japan/ Tokyo!
When you have Children (passive Smoker) you give them ca. 20-50 Times as much, ergo: Be Smart and Rational!

To smoke but fearing "Hoto Particles" is the biggest Joke!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 57268125

Thanks TEPCO, even with your inadequate ability to save the world from several unabated melt downs, with missing cores, thankyou for the 'don't smoke it's unhealthy lesson'


Goofy Thum



please... continue to derail.......

for what it's worth?.. have any of you travelled OUTSIDE of Japan?.. and have seen that NONE of us buy your bullshit?

carry on, with the illegal unabated release of toxic shit into the global oceans, I am sure every one will forgive you for that *wink.......

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