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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Private Clinic in Fukushima 70% of Children tested in the first year of free tests show thyroid abnormalities in under 18's :(


Thyroid Concern in Fukushima people, many parents in particular, continue to worry about the health impact of radiation.

A private hospital in Hirata offers free check-ups to Fukushima children. The results of the first year show a 70 % rate of mild abnormalities in those children 18 or under.

Fukushima Prefecture also has a screening programme for children who were 18 or under at the time of the accident : 17, 000 children have been examined. The rate of mild abnormalities is 46 %.

One thing is certain, the children will have to be watched long term.

It is better to detect health risks at an early stage.

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So much for Government/ public statistics huh?

"mild abnormalities"? or double-speak for "we are not allowed to alarm you"?....

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