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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Let the Freezing of Land Around Three Molten Missing Cores Commence!


Mr Freeze joins the Fukushima Circus

Every single day for almost 3 years now, several thousand tons of water laced with radioactive particles of cesium, strontium, tritium, and other radioactive goodies flow into the Pacific Ocean from the Fukushima plant in Japan. The newest plan to contain this threat to safety and sea life is to build a huge underground containment wall made of ice. The project was slated to start maybe sometime this summer, but for whatever reason TEPCO decided it needed to start today.
In September 2013, the Japanese government had first announced it was thinking of this crazy plan to drill a row of wells around the reactor buildings. A liquid coolant would be run through the wells which would freeze the ground for up to a mile down, in an attempt to prevent contaminated groundwater from continuously pouring into the environment, as it’s been doing since March of 2011. But first, they needed to conduct a feasibility study, and had until the end of March 2014 to carefully and thoroughly investigate, as well as weigh the risks vs benefits, of this desperate and possibly dangerous experiment. Apparently, the plan looked good. Because yesterday, NHK reported the work on the wall would start today, at the number 2 and number 3 reactors.
Ocean at top
This is not a circus tent. This is a simple flow-proximity map. Blue=groundwater flow – green=storage tanks-red/yellow=corium lava-field. Top is ocean – bottom is mountains. By RC
Highly contaminated water  started to accumulate in the basements of the Fukushima buildings early on, when crews began injecting hundreds of tons of water into the reactors after the earthquake, which had knocked out power to cooling systems. Groundwater then also started pouring into the basements through various cracks, adding to the problem. So it’s actually 2 big water problems, together. The somewhat misleading and drastically underestimated ’400 tons’ that comes to us from mainstream news ad nauseam is courtesy of the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. What METI fails to point out is that an additional 1000-4000 tons move through Daiichi every day, due to an underground aquifer. So what we actually are dealing with is upwards of 4400 tons making contact with the 3 molten corium blobs, somewhere under the plant, every single day, for almost 3 years now — and then pouring into the Pacific endlessly.
If this ice wall plan sounds insane, it is. Maybe it’s feasible under certain circumstances, but none of which come even close the massive water problems at Daiichi. The technology has been used before on a much smaller and temporary scale. But even more surprising then TEPCO going ahead with this crazy plan, is that they are doing so ahead of schedule.  Any sense of urgency demonstrated by the TEPCO-gang always sets off alarm bells in people who have closely followed this disaster. Why? Because we usually find out later there was some impending doom scenario that was being kept under wraps. Which poses the question, what else could be happening right now, that they might not be telling us?
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