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Sunday, 6 April 2014

Japan’s Potemkin Village approach to dealing with radiation – Honesty is not the best policy

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5 March 2014
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Real radiation levels at Nihonmatsu: 2.17 microsieverts per hour (Photos courtesy of Richard Wilcox, 2014)
Government monitoring station at Nihonmatsu gives accurate reading,
but area immediately around it has been decontaminated!
0.143 microsieverts per hour

Government team keeps high radiation data on three Fukushima municipalities from the public

“We did not hold the results back because they were too high. We did so because it was necessary to look into whether the assumptions for residents’ lifestyle patterns matched reality.”
“The assumption of eight hours a day outside and 16 hours inside is commonly used, and it is strange to change it. I can’t see it as anything but them fiddling with the numbers to make them come out as they wanted,
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