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Friday, 7 March 2014


The man from Fukushima predicts another disaster to come in Japan or in France !

This Japanese farmer now lives alone with his animals near the city of Tomioka, located in the « no man's zone », a quarantine forbidden zone with a radius of 20 km around the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant..

"The next nuclear accident, it will be either in Japan or in France." A few days before the 311 disaster anniversary, the man of Fukushima, Naoto Matsumura, chose to leave his irradiated land to come to say loud and clear his opposition to nuclear first in Paris, before going to Strasbourg in front of the European Parliament and to Fessenheim, then afterwards to Germany and Switzerland,

Sitting in a room of the Town Hall in the 2nd District of Paris, beside environmentalists like Denis Baupin (EELV Europe Ecology Vice President of the French National Assembly), Karima Delli (EELV Europe Ecology European MP), Pascal Durand (EELV Europe Ecology Paris Region Candidate), and Jean-François Julliard Greenpeace France director), the 54 years old Japanese farmer says that he is "ready to testify in the world."

"I knew of the accidents at Three Mile Island and Chernobyls," says the man who has always refused to leave his land near the town of Tomioka, located in the evacuated "no man's zone” (prohibited perimeter of a radius of 20 km around the Nuclear plant) "But I never thought it would happen to us because I thought and believed that the Japanese technology was good enough, superior to others ... and 11 March 2011, the plant exploded, I heard the sound of the explosion and then I told to myself this time that it is us, it is happening to us, it is happening at home. "

“Tepco technicians before 311 told us there was no danger, that it would never happen. Liars!
Few days after 311, one of my neighbors, a Tepco technician told me that everything was now under control, that everything will be back to normal after a few days while evacuating his family away: Liar!
Since the beginning of 311 Tepco is repeatedly telling us that everything is fine and getting better: Liars!
They now are telling us it will take 30 to 40 years to fix it: Liars!
They lied to us before, they lied to us after and they still lie to us now!

"I am now a cesium man. I know since I did a whole body counter spectrometry in October 2011.
I am a hibakusha, an irradiated. I piss and shit cesium. I sleep and eat in radioactivity”

A parallel between TEPCO and EDF/AREVA
And the farmer, who now lives alone with his animals, to warn the French:
"I think that EDF/AREVA also think the French nuclear power plants are safe and that the French technology is good and superior to others.
Tepco, it was the same. They told us that there was no danger, it was safe ... ".
"In Japan, there are 54 reactors, you have 58 (...) The next nuclear accident, it will be either in Japan or in France," says Naoto Matsumura who will go this Sunday March 9th and again on March 14 to Fessenheim, the oldest French Nuclear Power Plant, nuclear plant that the French President François Hollande has promised to close before the end of 2016.
"It must be said loud and clear that we must stop nuclear, you have to fight," insists Naoto Matsumura.

Naoto Matsumura seems in good shape but he left the meeting earlier than was planned due to "fatigue", He will speak at the European Parliament on 11 March, for the third anniversary of the disaster at Fukushima. He will also visit Bure in Meuse, France where it is planned for 2025 to establish a "grave" for radioactive waste, then he will visit Wyhl and Weisweil high places of the anti-nuclear resistance in Baden Württemberg, Germany, and then finally Lausanne in Switzerland, where he 'll do such a conference.
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