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Thursday, 13 March 2014

Japanese Consulate and Ambassador Dishonourably (in Detroit USA), refuse to receive a meeting or message of Peace, Well wishes and Consideration on the Eve of the 3rd Aniversary of the Fukushima crisis from the United States Concerned Public

Consulate General of Japan in Detroit

MPORTANT; please read via Gregory Panzica:
I have a special request of all my friends:
In solidarity with concerned citizens worldwide, we tried to deliver a letter to the Japanese Consulate in Detroit on the 3rd anniversary of the ongoing disaster at the Fukushima Diiachi nuclear plant. The Consulate General of Japan in Detroit refused to allow us to deliver the letter nor would they come down and accept it. By turning their backs on concerned citizens, they turn their backs on their own people in Japan. That makes them complicit to all the lies and cover ups propagated by TEPCO, the Japanese government, the US government, and the corporate controlled media. The people of Japan deserve better. They are polite, honorable, and courageous people (over 50,000 protested yesterday in Japan). Unfortunately the Consulate General - Kazuyuki Katayama has acted disrespectful, shameful, and cowardly.
My favor is this: Yesterday the Consul General of the Detroit Japanese consulate posted a statement concerning the 3rd anniversary of the ongoing disaster at Fukushima on their facebook page below. Please proceed to that page and add a comment to his statement. They keep deleting mine. Don't create a new post, rather comment on his statement. Ask why they will not accept the letter, the truth. Feel free to use words like disrespectful, cowardly, and shameful. Also maybe mention the fact that are breaking their own Japanese law, specifically Article 16 of the Japanese Constitution. Thanks.
Here's the letter we tried to deliver:
His Excellency, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe
Greetings Your Excellency Prime Minister Abe.
On this third anniversary of the Tohoku Earthquake, I extend to you our deepest condolences for the tragic loss of life from the tsunami and earthquake of March 11, 2011. The people of Japan are in our prayers, that their sorrows may be removed for loved ones lost, and that they may know prosperity, health, and peace now and in the future always.
It has been three years since the start of the Fukushima nuclear power disaster, with no end in sight. The primary focus of your government must be on mitigating this catastrophe and preventing further disasters from the Fukushima site -- and not on restarting nuclear reactors and exporting nuclear technology, which are a counterproductive diversion of financial, managerial, and regulatory resources.
Science and common sense, unvarnished by political and military interests, makes clear that the disaster of Fukushima Daiichi should serve as a warning to the world. With that in mind, we make urgent and humble request regarding the following points of common interest to all life on the planet:
1. Draconian secrecy in government and fast-tracking bills through legislative bodies are bad omens for freedom of the Japanese press and freedom to dissent by the Japanese people. Freedom of information and robust debate (the latter cut off sharply by Japan’s parliament on December 5, 2013) are the currencies of democracy. First and foremost we call on your government to repeal the antidemocratic state secrets law opposed by the vast majority of Japanese citizens and restore the freedoms important for the possibility of a healthy democracy to flourish.
2. We call on you to change Japan’s nuclear policy and to keep all nuclear power reactors closed. We are also working for this in our own country. We here in the great lakes region and near Detroit, Michigan live near the largest GE Mark 1 designed reactor in the world, Fermi 2 and have seen it as an ominous threat to the entire region since long before the Fukushima disaster began.
3. Please expedite the stabilization of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear reactors and the irradiated fuel pools and help facilitate the best and brightest minds of the international community in making this happen.
4. Stop the flow of radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean. The ocean extends far beyond Japan. It is owned by the entire planet and is essential to life on Earth.
5. Please do not export nuclear reactors to other countries.
6. Please fully compensate all victims of Fukushima and provide medical treatment and relocation assistance for people living in contaminated areas.
7. Stop the incineration of radioactive rubble and waste throughout Japan, which does not destroy radioactivity but simply disperses it into the air, incinerator ash, and other solid waste.
In conclusion, we live in an age where national boundaries are increasingly of small consequence. Nature knows no geopolitical boundaries when it comes to radioactive contamination spreading through the oceans, the air, the groundwater, and living beings which are constantly on the move. All life is connected. We are all related. Our common happiness and sustainable future concerns us all. The world desperately needs leaders now, with the courage to listen to the voices of all life, to choose to support life and repair the damage to our Mother Earth before it is too late. We call on you to exercise your leadership to achieve the goals of these seven demands for a safe and secure nuclear free future.
Sincerely with Peace,
Gregory Panzica, Executive Director - Peace Nick
Michael Leonardi, Toledo Coalition For Safe Energy
Keith Gunter, Alliance to Halt Fermi 3
Jessica Meskina, Alliance to Halt Fermi 3
Jessie Pauline Collins, Citizen's Resistance at Fermi 2
Joseph Demare, Unplug Nuclear Power
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