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Sunday, 2 March 2014

D'un Renard, contributing Author here, and Admin of Rainbow Warriors open Letter before stepping aside for a while

D'un Renard added photos to My testimony.

Many people see me as a tight fist admin omnipresent on a few groups flooding their walls. posting plenty news items on Fukushima, but present in posting but not much in commenting, leaving that to the other people.

What most of the people ignore is why I am here, why that eagerness, why I invest such much of my time and energy into this. My first intention coming here on Facebook was not to kill time or to make friends.

I never was on FB before June 2011, when coming back from Iwaki Fukushima in June 2011 I came to some FB Anti-Nukes groups to first find informations and next to circulate intensively those informations aiming to break their then ruling omerta in Japan and allover the world in the MSM.

The first year with some of the admins here we had the n°1 english language Fukushima Facebook group, the Fukushima 311 Watchdogs, 3600 plus members, 45 admins, 300 plus primary posts in english, Japanese and french everyday, day and night alive on several continents and time zones. We did our best to break the omerta maintained by Tepco and the Japanese governments on the Japanese media, thru FB and Twitter, then to break the omerta on the foreign media, to make the world know that Fukushima had not ended in March 2011 but that there were 3 meltdowns ongoing.

Those omertas broken, after one year of intense activity, that goal reached, burn-out, I closed the Fukushima 311 Watchdogs, to rest. After one month rest I started a new group, The Rainbow Warriors, to continue to adress Fukushima and nuclear issues, but also some of the other modern evils.

I am not here running for popularity contest or glory, to have the biggest number of members Fuku group, but solely concentrating on the quantity and quality of the informations that we share, the better informations needed to educate the general public hoping to wake up the sheeple to stand up, to fight and defeat the lethal nuke industry. From the Rainbow Warriors group our members getting our best possible informations can then share out to other groups people or in the real life to people around them.

I have a golden reason behind all that, here in this sanctuary I will tell you in confidence the real story:

My own daughter, 30 years old, Japanese, lives in the city of Iwaki, prefecture of Fukushima, 60kms south-east of the Fukushima daiichi nuke plant. Here with the few photos I now share with you, you could see the child she was and the woman she became.

First after 311 she believed like most of the Fukushima people the lies of Tepco and of the Japanese government that there was no danger, that everything was over, cold shutdown and under control.

Then later when our informations coming from abroad came thru the social networks FB and Twitter breaking their imposed omerta on the Japanese media, she realized then that there was danger, some contamination.

But then the Japanese Government launched their huge B.S. decontamination program, fooling the Fukushima people that they would decontaminate everywhere so that in due time the people could live again like before.

Then with time passing, the Fukushima people, my daughter included learned and found out that decontamination was just impossible, just another big lie that their goverment had fed them.

Then the Fukushima people knew that for more that 2 years they had breathed radiation, they had eaten contaminated food and drunk contaminated liquids.

Most of the people there, my daughter included think it is already too late , most of them cant move out, cant evacuate in another region as they are enchained to their 40 years house credits, houses they cant even sell.

My Japanese daughter, my own flesh and blood is now accepting it as fate, is not fighting against this which suddenly fell onto her life. She has accepted it, surrendered to that bad fate embracing her life. Waiting for sickness and death to come soon or later to take her. Joy left her life forever. This nuke industry stole her joy and her life.

I as her father see the damages nuke has been doing step by step to the life of my daughter and to the lifes of most of the Fukushima people, entering into their life, sneaking on them, then entrapping them, killing them slowly slowly into its radiation/contamination embrace.

I powerless saw it happening little by little to my own daughter powerless. She is too poor to pay her 20 years plus house credit, I am too poor to help her pay that house credit in order to free her from that place, so that she could evacuate freely far away in a clean environment with clean air, clean food and clean water. Both she and I powerless.

This is why I will continue to fight it, never give up.
I somehow cant help to save my daughter and all the present Fukushima victims.
The criminal Japanese government evacuated too few people 20kms radius whereas it should have evacuated everyone within a 90kms minimum radius.
And now it is even sending the previously few evacuated people back to live in those high radiation areas. Abusive and criminal, total madness!

That is why I am here, I am stuck, cant giving it up, I became a Rainbow Warrior, I will fight nuke to my last breath, because it is robbing many people lives for the criminal profit of a few.

I also became an activist in the real world.
I organized the first group petition for the evacuation of the children out of Fukushima and the rally against French Swat teams to force our remitting it to the Japanese Embassy in Paris on August 30, 2011.

I was one of the organizers of the rally in front of the Japanese Embassy on Saturday 10 March 2012, and the main organizer of the rally occupying the front of Paris CityHall on Sunday 11 March 2012 for the 1rst Fukushima Anniversary. Paris being the political nexus of France.

While the organization Sortir du Nucléaire organized a 60, 000 persons Human Chain in South-East France along the Rhone River, where stand many of the French NPPs.

On the 2nd Anniversary on March 9th 2013, the French Anti-Nuclear Movement "Réseau Sortir du Nucléaire, 70, 000 registered members, 800 local regional groups finally took over and organized a 30,000 persons human chain crossing throughout Paris city from one end to the other end, I stood with the local SN75 group, the Paris group together with the Yosomono-net group the France Japanese community group, our link occupying the central part of Paris the Opera front.

This coming 3rd year Fukushima Anniversary all the Belgium, Dutch, German, French, Swiss Anti-Nuclear groups and people of Europe we will occupy 9 bridges of the Rhine river valley between Germany and France, a valley where 80 millions people are living, occupying the bridges cutting Europe into two for one whole afternoon.

They cannot ignore us. German Anti-Nuclear won, we will foot by foot liberate Europe from nukes.

You may call me a dreamer or just a mad man, your choice.
Maybe I am both LOL

But after 3 years of steady fighting, distributing informations many hours each day, 7 days a week, I am again exhausted. I need a break, to rest and recharge my batteries.

After the 3rd year Fukushima Anniversary, I will take a break and rest for a while. While I am away our many admins will be handling this Rainbow Warriors ship.

Thank you for being here with us, and be who you are, people who do care of others and want to protect life in our world.

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