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Sunday, 16 March 2014

Decontamination is BS - RadChick on RT 3.12.2014

Decontamination is BS - RadChick on RT 3.12.2014
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Published on Mar 12, 2014
RT interview on March 12 2014 regarding misinformation about 'decommissioning' of Fukushima and 'decontamination' of surrounding areas.

I will be on Wide Awake News with Charlie McGrath tonight March 12 2014 at 8 pm est

2 new radio shows starting March 28th:
I will be hosting Wide Awake news on Rense, 4th Friday of every month, plus roundtable discussions with Deborah Tavarres, Karen Quinn-Tostado and Cindy Pikoulas.

and I will be co-hosting "The Climate Hour" with Jim Lee and Packy Savannas which begins April 2014 (more info to come).

Nuked Radio will still be doing specials as well, we have a massive "sick celebrity update" with Leuren Moret which will air in the next few weeks.

My most recent interview with Alfred Weber at Exopolitics:
"Airline Anomalies Post Fukushima" air date Feb 20 2014:
The Fukushima Nuclear Accident resulted in a massive release of radionuclides into our biosphere. Releases continue from the plant via steam events and pouring of massive amounts of water on the reactors and pools which makes its way to the Pacific Ocean endlessly. 2 years ago I was contacted by a flight attendant working out of the Seattle-Tacoma airport who had concerns about various illnesses that were affecting pilots and flight crews, since Fukushima. Over the past 2 years we have collected any and all reports pertaining to this possible connection, until we had a significant amount of data to present to the public. What has become obvious is that something is causing a significant statistical increase in pilots who are having medical emergencies during flights, based on available data.
Interview link:

More info and data at including possible "Wigner Effect" on airliners, the discomposition of metals and circuits from neutron bombardment.

The real story on the myth of the effectiveness of decontamination was reported by Dr Ernest Sternglass in his book: "Secret Fallout" published in 1972 which can be reviewed at:

New website:

NRC Website: Decommissioning -
"The process of safely closing a nuclear power plant (or other facility where nuclear materials are handled) to retire it from service after its useful life has ended. This process primarily involves decontaminating the facility to reduce residual radioactivity and then releasing the property for unrestricted or (under certain conditions) restricted use. This often includes dismantling the facility or dedicating it to other purposes. Decommissioning begins after the nuclear fuel, coolant, and radioactive waste are removed. For additional information, see Decommissioning of Nuclear Facilities and Find Sites Undergoing Decommissioning."

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