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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Abe and his State Secrecy Laws... Implications for the Nation's Youth braught to Question.

How can these fabulous young minds assert their views when your administration rushes the "Secrecy Preservation Act" through the Diet without debate as to WHAT CONSTITUTES A STATE SECRET? This is FASCIST legislation and you know it very well, Honorable Prime Minister. In passing this bill, you have put a noose around the Japanese media and silenced the Japanese youth, who will bear the burden of radioactive contamination and radioactive waste resulting from the ongoing triplemeltdowns of 3.11.11.
You cannot have a thriving economy in a country with a nuclear wasteland, where 74 people have been diagnosed with thyroid cancer. You cannot host an Olympics in Tokyo based on your lies that "All is safe and there is no danger." Do not pretend that there are enough workers at the Daiichi reactors. Each day, new workers reach their exposure limits to radioactivity. How can you expect to hire yet more workers for your Olympic Village in Tokyo, when Daiichi is nowhere near under control?
How do you think the citizens remaining in Fukushima feel about your plans to invest billions of yen into the Tokyo Olympics?
We know, Prime Minister Abe. The world knows that you have sacrificed the children in Fukushima in favor of economic gain.
The world knows that your people OPPOSE restart of Japan's nuclear reactors. And yet, you defy them?
The world knows, Abe. Your game is up.
Message from Prime Minister Shinzo Abe:
I very much want for the younger generation, who will shoulder responsibility for Japan in the years to come, to assert their views confidently within the international community as truly internationally-minded individuals.
Today I met Ms. Tomitaku, the first place winner of the “High School Speech Contest on the Northern Territories,” and Mr. Savushkin, who achieved second place. I find it extremely promising that they considered the Northern Territories issue so earnestly and spoke about it in their own words.
Mr. Savushkin is a Russian national living in Japan. Active exchanges among the members of our younger generations will surely form the foundation of strong bonds of friendship with other nations into the future. I gave each of the two contest winners a piece of calligraphy to commemorate their achievements.
(Originally posted at 19:09, Monday, March 17, 2014 in Japanese)
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