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Saturday, 8 February 2014

Submissions, thoughts,memories and more for the Third Anniversary of Fukushima

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「サバイバル・ジャパン~3.11の真実~」DVDが3.11に発売されます!津波と福島原発災害の真実を追ったこの作品は で予約受付中です。どうか日本の皆さんに情報をシェアしてください!

DVD "truth - Survival of Japan ~ 3.11" will be released in 3.11! This work followed the truth of Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster and tsunami is accepting reservations at. Please to share the information to everyone in Japan if!

Sheila Parks, convener of the weekly vigil, ON BEHALF OF PLANET EARTH, at the Japanese Consulate in Boston writes that they will be doing a special vigil to remember the 3rd anniversary of Fukushima. We will have special signs and/or banners and we will leaflet. We will invite a large range of people and groups.  This special vigil will be on Thursday, March 13th, 8:15AM - 9:15AM, which is the regular day and time of our weekly vigil and we will be at our regular place. Please, join us, at 600 Atlantic Ave, corner of Summer Street, at South Station (take the Red Line). The Consulate is on the 22nd floor of the Federal Reserve Building. 

Sheila P, Ed.D.
On Behalf of Planet Earth
Watertown, MA
On September 11th 2011 during the Shiroto No Ran anti nuke rally in Shinjuku (15 000 people) 
FLASHBACK; this is a picture I took on September 11th 2011 during the Shiroto No Ran anti nuke rally in Shinjuku (15 000 people)... In the pic, you see an older gentleman standing by himself with this self made banner! I was very touched because despite such an important rally at the time, very few souls were actually attending to raise the issue of the people of Fukushima. No one was paying attention to him as everyone was screaming anti nukes slogans. But in his little voice and broken English, he was murmuring "save Fukushima people" ... Needless to say, I introduced myself and I stood by his side the rest of the way! We were chanting "Fukushima wo mamoru" all day long. He was very happy! And so I was ! Afterwards, we went to a nearby Izakaya and got drunk. A very productive day. Long live the people of Fukushima.

As for the rally itself, a big thanks to Matsumoto san and the rest of the organizers. The police made us change routes before trying to shut us down. But the rally progressed despite a few arrests and a couple of scuffles with authorities.

The following week, September 19th 2011, in Meiji Park, we were 60 000 strong. On that day, Ruiko Muto and Taro Yamamoto inspired us, supported by hundreds of Fukushima victims that came down to Tokyo specifically for that rally.

These are the two best rallies I have ever attended to.

Nelson Surjon
— at Shinjuku koen.

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