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Here is the HYSPLIT plutonium dispersion map for the WIPP radiation release in New Mexico, for the first 24 hours.
WIPP Plutonium map first 24 Hours
  1. One the surface this sounds like a great idea...until things like Fukushima and this come up

    Then it becomes blatantly clear that there is truly no safe way to dispose of the poison. The only way to stop the poison for sure is to stop making it. Please encourage your reps to do so!
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  2. BREAKING NEWS: From the Wall Street Journal
    Nuclear Regulatory Commission Take Note: Your "Waste Confidence Decision" to centralize waste in one place doesn't look so confident anymore: Federal officials Thursday confirmed a leak of radioa...ctive elements including PLUTONIUM


    were found at an air-monitoring site half a mile from the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant and are tied to a radiation leak in the underground salt formation where waste from defense research and nuclear weapons production is stored at a southeastern New Mexico repository.

    It could be weeks before workers can safely access the underground dump to determine what happened. The release of radiation from the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant poses no public health threat, officials emphasized (right......), but the state environment secretary said he was concerned with the lag in getting information about the incident.

    The Energy Department on Saturday announced that it had shut down operations in response to an underground radiation sensor. But it wasn't until Wednesday night that the department confirmed that ****radiation had also been released above ground****

    Remember: Despite what the Nuclear loving Department of Energy paid off MIT to say, NO DOSE OF RADIATION IS SAFE

    "A study published by the United States government reports the 'discovery' that low dose radiation is SO SAFE that evacuations from future nuclear disasters may be unnecessary...The public could be allowed to live in the fallout zones spared from the inconvenience of relocation and compensation for damages. While the monetary savings for the nuclear industry would be enormous, does this study actual support repeal of current evacuation policies? In this video we'll observe that this study is contradicted by extensive preexisting high quality studies and we'll learn too that MIT has a very pronuclear agenda to support. Watch this.

    other videos worth a watch

    And it wasn't until a Thursday news conference that Jose Franco, manager of the DOE's Carlsbad Field Office, confirmed publicly that readings from the monitors matched materials from the waste that is stored there, indicating a leak.

    Environment Secretary Ryan Flynn said he traveled to Carlsbad as soon as he was told Wednesday night that radiation had been picked up by an above-ground air sensor.

    "We are wondering why it took a couple of days to confirm the radiological event outside of the underground," Mr. Flynn said. "We will demand that federal officials share information with the public in real time. That's the reason we are here."

    The DOE has appointed a team to investigate the leak at the plant. It was the second incident in just a matter of weeks. Earlier this month, a truck hauling salt below ground caught fire, shutting operations for a few days. Officials haven't said what caused the truck fire, but Mr. Franco said it was unlikely the events were related. He also said there was no evidence of a seismic event at the site.

    Energy Department spokesman Roger Nelson said that the 139 workers aboveground at the site near Carlsbad were told Saturday to stay where they were as a precaution. (is that what we would do if their was a major nuclear disaster there...tell all the workers to run like hell in the other direction and let this thing explode???

    ****WIPP is the nation's first underground nuclear repository. Each week it receives 17 to 19 shipments of low-grade nuclear waste like plutonium-contaminated clothing and tools from Los Alamos National Laboratory and other federal nuclear sites around the country.***** Those shipments have been halted indefinitely, which could impact the ability of Los Alamos to meet a state deadline this year for removing thousands of barrels of waste that currently are stored outside on its northern New Mexico compound.

    After a large wildfire lapped at the edges of lab property in summer 2011, New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez identified removal of the waste as a top priority.

    And it is not just nuclear sites around our country either...the shipments were coming in from all kinds of other places..... DELAY IN NOTIFYING THE PUBLIC:
    The pronuclear DOE says the delay in notification was caused by tests that had to be done to the samples to confirm that they were from the WIPP leak, and not naturally occurring radiation (what a stupid excuse!!!!..they know what natural background levels are!! They probably didn't want anyone pulling out their personal gieger counters until some of it had blown downwind--congratulations everyone downwind from New Mexico!!!).

    No one has gone below the surface since the event, so officials can only hypothesize about what happened.

    Drums of low level waste are piled up in stacks underground and one of the working theories right now is that a big slab of the roof broke free, hit the stack, knocked some drums off and smashed and opened one or more of them.

    While that is what happens after storage shafts are permanently sealed, that is not supposed to happen in areas being actively worked by crews. It appears the leak occurred in an active work area while no one was in the underground.

    The DOE says it will be at least two or three weeks before crews try to re-enter WIPP and that will only be when they can do so safely.


    From the beloved proNuclear International Atomic Energy Agency who on the one hand claim to hate nuclear weapons, but at the same time their motto is "Atoms for Peace", who deny any abnormal births due to the nuclear explosion at Chernobyl,

    and silence The World Health Organization from reporting out to you anything on the truth on the effect of nuclear poison on the health of citizens around the world.

    Watch the IAEA and the other nuclear lovers in action right here.

    Palmface to all this

    and Palmface to all the kids here too. Watch this academy award winner for best short documentary.
    and here too

    End Nuclear. End the Lies of the 1% who love it so much no matter what the human cost--this psychopathic heartless selfish evil behavior has got to stop!!!
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this just in, from a friend following it:

this just in, from a friend following it:

Media Blackout! Apparent Roof Collapse Smashes Open Nuclear Waste Drums In New Mexico!

ALERT! EPA Radiation Detection Goes Down, Right After High Level Plumes Released!

Alert! All EPA Radiation Detectors Nationwide Suddenly Went OFFLINE!

ALERT! EPA Radiation Detection Goes Down, Right After High Level Plumes Released!

Honestly, no time to authenticate the information, so feel free.....

Last Edited by Citizenperth on 02/24/2014 07:39 PM

Honestly, no time to authenticate the information, so feel free.....

Last Edited by Citizenperth on 02/24/2014 07:39 PM



"A grim "Of Special Importance" (highest classification level) report prepared by the Russian State Atomic Energy Corporation (ROSATOM) circulating in the Kremlin warned that the "potentially catastrophic nuclear event" currently unfolding at the US atomic Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) near Carlsbad, New Mexico has prompted the White House to begin pre-staging government forces and equipment in the event a large-scale evacuation is needed. According to this report, the United States Department of Energy WIPP is the world's third deep geological repository (after closure of Germany's Repository for radioactive waste Morsleben and the Schacht Asse II Salt Mine) licensed to permanently dispose of transuranic radioactive waste for 10,000 years that is left from the research and production of nuclear weapons, reported. A "highly significant" portion of the nuclear waste being stored at the WIPP, this report continues, was the result of the recently completed 1993 HEU Purchase Agreement between the United States and Russia that saw 500 metric tons of highly enriched uranium (HEU) from nuclear weapons down blended into low-enriched uranium and then sent to America where it was made into fuel for nuclear power plants, and of which US Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz stated, "For two decades, one in 10 light bulbs in America has been powered by nuclear material from Russian nuclear warheads."

Critical to note, however, this report says, is that the United States Enrichment Corporation (USEC), the private American corporation serving as executive agent for the HEU Purchase Agreement, was "deliberately targeted" for elimination by the Obama administration in early 2009 leading to its 16 December 2013 announcement that it had reached an agreement with a majority of its debt holders to file a prearranged and voluntary Chapter 11 bankruptcy restructuring in the first quarter of 2014. Federal Security Service (FSB) intelligence experts contributing to this report say the US wanted to eliminate USEC to divert HEU Purchase Agreement uranium for the purpose of reconstituting it to its highly dangerous U-235 level to conduct experiments at the WIPP on what is called nuclear salt-water rockets (NSWR), which is a proposed type of nuclear thermal rocket designed by Robert Zubrin that would be fueled by water bearing dissolved salts of plutonium or U-235. Under tight strictures put upon it by US law, this report says, the White House needed Russia’s HEU Purchase Agreement uranium for these NSWR experiments and which is not reportable. On 5 February, however, this report continues, these NSWR experiments at the WIPP went "horrifically wrong" leading to an explosion and fire at the underground facility, followed by the 14 February "radiological event" that prompted its full evacuation. Of the greatest concern to Russian nuclear experts, this report says, is the US conducting these NSWR experiments at the WIPP facility in the first place as nearly the entire Carlsbad, New Mexico region is in danger of collapsing due to the massive sink holes appearing over these areas vast underground salt domes. (See CNN video news report below)"