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Thursday, 13 February 2014

Irradiated water pooled at the bottom of Unit 4: Pictures removed but archived by Ray Masalas (enlarged)

 Masalas Basement at R #4 full of nasty radiated water.

 Masalas And today's shot of the same basement.

 Masalas Here you go CP. This is the 3rd floor looking east near the south wall of #4.

 Masalas Inside the containment vessel.

D'un Renard

Green, contaminated water fills bottom of Unit 4 – Removed: Report, photos of destroyed containment vessel interior deleted from website — Reporters: We strongly feel that effort from whole nation is needed to face future at Fukushima

omiuri Shimbun, Feb. 14, 2014: Water contaminated with radioactive substances continues to flow into the basement level [...] due chiefly to the absence of any decisive countermeasures, when we visited on Wednesday. [...] the contaminated water still continues flowing into the No. 4 reactor from the adjacent No. 3 reactor via pipes and other routes. [...] As we walked around above the doughnut-shaped suppression chamber, we shone our flashlights underfoot, to find green, turbid water about 2 to 3 meters below. [...] As the decommissioning of damaged reactors is said to take as long as 40 years to complete, there is still a long way to go. We strongly feel that effort, to be made by the whole nation, is needed.

From Tuesday: Gov’t says radiation levels too high in Unit 4 — Workers forced to cover floor with lead — Experts: ‘Significant loss of leaktightness’ possible in Fukushima fuel pools
Yesterday’s report and photos published by Yomiuri about the ruined interior of Unit 4′s containment vessel can no longer be accessed. The reporters briefly mentioned the subject today: “We also entered a reactor containment vessel for the first time. Pipes and walls there were heavily damaged. Debris scattered after the hydrogen explosions three years ago was also left untouched on most floors of the building. Bare pipes and reinforcing bars hung down from the walls, showing the extent of the devastation inside the building.”

No explanation is given for why these are ‘no longer available’.

See yesterday’s deleted report here

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