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Sunday, 16 February 2014

IAEA Gives Japan Permission To Dump Fukushima Toxic Nuclear Waste Into Pacific Ocean…FOREVER

Huffington Post joins War On Warm

Here is the Huffington Post headline, talking about Kerry and Obama’s War on Warm as the scariest thing on earth.  BUT, the IAEA backs controlled discharge of tainted water into sea from Fukushima plant ‹ Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion: yes, the US is allowing Japan to pollute the Pacific even more.  Kerry and Obama’s War On Warm…hey! I like that.  To continue, like  King Canute the Great ordering the sea to go back, our rulers will order the world temperature to drop even more than it already is dropping.
 But they can’t control Fukushima so they are grandly going to allow Japan to dump toxic radioactive materials directly into the sea…FUCKING FOREVER!!! ...
“TEPCO is advised to perform an assessment of the potential radiological impact to the population and the environment arising from the release of water containing tritium and any other residual radionuclides to the sea,” the review said.

“It is clear that final decision making will require engaging all stakeholders, including TEPCO,” and nuclear authorities, central and regional governments and local communities, it said.

The water is currently stored in huge tanks at the plant, but there is no permanent solution and TEPCO has warned it is running out of space.

LOCAL communities????  For polluting the entire Pacific Ocean and all the shores from Alaska to Peru???? We all have no say????
This is one of a dozen reasons why TEPCO got permission from a bunch of evil toads who run the IAEA to pollute our planet:  Base concrete of the tanks has no reinforcing bars | Fukushima Diary.  That is, the concrete pad supporting these water waste tanks is crappy!  Cheap!  It is busting apart as small earthquakes happen over and over again, slowly ripping it all apart and the great weight of these tanks is causing the ground to compress.
As rag tag liberals run around in the deep snow, howling about the War On Warm and demanding it get much colder, our rulers get away with mass murder yet again.  Just like when the right wing ran around America howling about ‘commies’ and the ‘red menace’ while blowing up many nuclear bombs and thus, dooming millions to suffer from birth defects and cancers…everyone has a boogie monster to fight while the real monster comes out from under the bed and eats the children.
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