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Monday, 17 February 2014

Fukushima Third Aniversary Wish List from Japanese translation

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 It is called from the map's San Francisco, in all regions to a consulate, and that will wake a joint action to 3.11. Since paste below, those who are in a region that has a consulate, please take your voice to me.Connect.

The hit to the third anniversary of the Fukushima nuclear accident, action of 3/11/14 to expand the scale further, we plan to simultaneously petition filed action Japanese consulate across the United States to (17 +1 consulate embassy).

If familiar petition has received all at once from the consulate of America to Japan, or will not be a case that can not be ignored? Will it not be one of the external pressure?

Group of anti-nuclear some in the Beieiria is to support cooperation this time, I will do both this action. Web for this action was also launched already. now, I just started a challenge but, Chicago, SF, NY, Boston, Arizona has announced a concrete participation. Seattle, Portland, Atlanta, Roanjerusu, Hawaii is scheduled to participate maybe in addition to it. It is the participation of people of the remaining location is required. I will see the location of the consulate at this site. Petition Act by Petition Act , have the right to petition to us, government is obliged to receive this institution. By utilizing the many this law, let's fight. Petition can be anyone. It does not matter race. Japanese can be either in English. In accordance with the law, if you write the name and address (even just one person), you can submit anyone. I make full use of ((Facebook, Tweet, a Blog site) information network that has the everyone,?

Could you in search many people can participate at a location of each if you who are looking for participants if, where to consulate people would like to participate if me out further areas please send information What time is it or take. Ask to take the photograph of the action as possible. participation has been decided already if, who volunteered to participate already people Have solidarity with. still so I put on this web also action in Japan, and He will send and information behavior information across Japan, the third anniversary of Events that are made ​​back and forth not only on the day of the 3/11 I ask. ! Let the success of this 3/11 National Joint Action petition asked to renew the recognition of people around, and one Good luck and do not forget never Fukushima.

San Francisco IS in all Regions after a Consulate from the Sloppy 3.11 joint Action to make That Call. Living in the Consulate area, so paste it Below, until I ask you. 
Connect the. 

Fukushima Nuclear power Plant Accident 3 years, 3/11 / 14 action spread the scale further, Japan consulates throughout the United States (17 + 1 embassy consulate) to of has been planning simultaneous petition filed action. Cannot be ignored if Japan reach petition in unison from the Consulate of the United States in the case ? 

Not One single external pressure? Nuke Some customer groups and Cooperation agreed this time, Will do with this Action. 

Already Launched a Web for this Action. http://fukushimathirdanniversaryevents. / Now, HAS just started calling, Chicago, SF, NY, Boston, Arizona Announced specific Participation. It HAS Added Seattle, Portland, Atlanta, maybe Roanjerusu, Hawaii Also IS expected to Take part. Location of Remains of People Participating would need. On this site you CAN IS See the location of the Consulate. the Obligation and the right to petition to U.S. by Http://Www.Us.EMB-Japan.Go.Jp/

visa / Map.Htm petition law petition, Which Receives a Government Agency. Often this method to the Leverage is. Petition to anyone. Race does not matter. Can be English or let's fight Japanese Japan. In Accordance to the law, the name and address (even just One) CAN Submit anyone write. Have everyone's information network ((Facebook, Tweet, Blog site) Will not Seek many People CAN participate at Each location, Making what? Please send the information That you Take what time to the Consulate, where Predation, if looking for participants. Please ask as much as Possible of the Action Also Take photos. If in the area That Have Joined already, out FURTHER would Like to join Those who Have Solidarity with People already Volunteered to participate. The Action in Japan HAS put on this Web, to send U.S. information of Japan around Behavioral information, 3/11, not just around the same time, made ​​the Third Anniversary event, Such as you Please. 3/11 National Action joint petition and Rewarding! 1 Let's Turn People's Perceptions to new and not Never forget the Fukushima (Translated by Bing )

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