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Saturday, 15 February 2014

Classic One Liner Lies of Nuke

D'un Renard

You can probably use the search function to find some backup to each of these lies of nuclear. 

When someone, be it media, a research organization, a government speaker, whoever, starts pimping out one of these lies, then you can start reading their material in a new, more suspicious light.

As you folks come across other nice One Liners, drop them as comments and I will add to the list.

  1. ''no immediate health effects''
  2. ''safe to eat''
  3. ''no cause for alarm''
  4. ''dispersion in the ocean makes it harmless''
  5. ''dilution''
  6. ''too low to measure''

  1. ''safer than eating a banana''
  2. "larger dose from flying on an airplane"
  3. "sleeping next to someone gives you a larger radioactive dose"
  4. "become I131 radiation rapidly depletes due to quick half life, we don't have to worry about any of the radiation."
  5. ''within safe limits''
  6. ''part of background''
  7. ''definitely not caused by radiation''
  8. ''we can rule radiation out as the cause''
  9. ''no need to test''
  10. ''harmless''
  11. ''hydrogen explosion''
  12. "because you cannot prove that the disease was caused by a specific radiation, the information is not valid until proven by the scientific method."

  1. "nuclear is safe because they have backup power"
  2. "nuclear is safe because background radiation is high, so don't worry about a little more"
  3. "the radiation from that release is in 'the noise' of the background radiation"
  4. "it's green and clean"
  5. "nuclear is the only thing that can save the climate from excess carbon"
  6. "nuclear plants have pooled insurance"
  7. "The NRC makes nuclear industry safe by regulating them"
  8. "The IAEA regulates the worldwide nuclear industry"
  9. "No deaths caused by nuclear radiation"
  10. "Just keep smiling and radiation will not hurt you"
  11. "Thorium reactors are completely safe"
  12. "depth in defense safety at nuke plants means that a major accident should only happen about every 2000 years."
  13. "All the nuclear waste in the world could fit in a football field"
  14. "the solution for nuclear waste is a single permanent repository"
  15. "nuclear power emits ZERO CO2"
  16. "Reactors cannot blow up like nuclear bombs"
  17. "No radiation from japan will reach the USA"
  18. "Price-Anderson is what brings nuclear regulation to any nuclear activity"
  19. "Below the threshold"
  20. "If it were that bad it would be on the news"

      And let's not forget ''the scientific method'', without which where would we be lol.

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