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Thursday, 20 February 2014

3.11 Surviving Japan Official showing. Further Shows Across the US to be announced. Must see!

3.11 Surviving Japan will show in San Francisco March 11th 7:30pm to commemorate the 3rd Anniversary of the Tsunami and Fukushima nuclear disaster. Director Christopher Noland will be available after for Q and A. Tickets by Advance Purchase ONLY!
"After meeting and knowing Christopher during the final editing of this documentary, and his personally inspired effort to get the news to the world, I highly recommend this documentary"
The Event Program
    • Movie presentation of 311: Surviving Japan
    • Inside story of 2011 Japanese Tsunami relief & Fukushima nuclear disaster. A critical look at how the authorities handled the nuclear crisis and Tsunami relief by an American who volunteered in the clean-up. It is in short, a documentary of the devastating events in Japan and 6 months of the after-math that followed. It features true stories from those affected by the disaster, the government and even TEPCO. It highlights the struggle in dealing with: The Tsunami clean-up, Government response to the disaster, radiation plus the future of nuclear power after the accident.

Tugg - 311: Surviving Japan in San Francisco, CA on Tuesday, March 11,  7:30PM
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